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MTN Secretly Reviewed Its Tariff Plans, Checkout!

MTN disabled some tariff plans to promote higher plans without giving prior notice. Recall last year that MTN launched two tariff plans: the MTN Xtra Pro and Xtra Special tariff plans. The MTN Xtra Pro tariff plan was touted and recommended as the cheapest call tariff plan on the network.

What makes Xtra Pro the cheapest tariff plan is the ability of subscribers on the network to make off-net and on-net within the country at a FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec (N6.60KB/min), upon successful access charge deduction of N5 daily.

Unfortunately, it was reported from a source that MTN secretly eliminate and discontinued Trutalk tariff, since 5 April, 2017 and Xtra Pro tariff plan with some other tariff plans from its list of tariff plans. So, these are the available list of tariff plans customers can presently migrate to:

√ MTN Pulse
√ MTN XtraSpecial
√ MTN BetaTalk
√ MTN XtraValue

Customers will no longer be able to migrate to the following plans below, but customers on these plans can migrate out to other available tariff plans but can never migrate back again.

× MTN TruTalk (Old)
× MTN BetaTalk(Old)
× MTN SuperSaver
× MTN SmoothTalk
× MTN iPulse
× MTN Zone

Before XtraPro tariff plan was discontinued on the 5th of April, 2017, the code for migration was *401#, but presently, if you choose to go back or migrate to the Xtra Pro tariff plan, you will get a prompt telling you that you are already an existing MTN tariff plan customer as well as giving you the MTN pulse code for direct migration which is *406#.

What’s your say about this MTN review? Do you think is appropriate for MTN to just eliminate and discontinued the cheapest call tariff plan?


  1. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real August 14, 2017

    ummmmmm nice observation and thanks for the new awareness

  2. meeky bash meeky bash August 14, 2017

    Mtn is always doing rubish, this very plan call trutalk is d plan i lov to make use off but wen i migrate to pulse nd i try cumin back they told me d plan is nt more availabe ….khai.

  3. Godpower ogaga Godpower ogaga August 14, 2017

    they are mad first they increase goody bag plan and now this… will soon overtake them…

  4. Bright Bright August 14, 2017

    hmm can't say much about this o, but they should stop increasing their tariffs. I see the BuhariTic economy is affecting them or they just decided to be hard-hearted.

    any difference BTW iPulse and Pulse?

  5. Hayzweb Hayzweb August 14, 2017

    This one bad ooo for some customers

  6. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 16, 2017

    finally I found the solution…. I've been trying to migrate to mtn trutalk not knowing it's not available…. pulse is the best way out now

  7. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 17, 2017

    Same as me… . I love this trutalk like kilode

  8. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 17, 2017

    Waiting for that to happen…. They'd know how bad they've done

  9. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 17, 2017

    I'd like to know the difference between Ipulse and pulse

  10. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 17, 2017

    They'd change their data to 500mb for 1000

  11. Whizz Boyz Whizz Boyz August 17, 2017

    Thanks to prex….. Blazing with mine too

  12. Official Prexblog Videos Official Prexblog Videos August 17, 2017

    Ipulse is same as pulse. Only the name changed. However, ipulse is no more existing, it has been renamed to pulse.

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