Traveling with kids can be fun when they are kept in a happy mode while road trips can be extremely rough when they get bored and can lead them to flare-up in every little things. Having a smartphone or tablet updated with kid’s favourite applications will definitely help keep them happy while traveling.

Taking  cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja  or anywhere with kids can still be hellish especially when kids are bored and start throwing tantrums, saying, “Are we there yet?, when are we getting there? Can I have a sweet? Can I have this and that?”.

Here are list of kids favourites apps created and designed for family’s travels, available on both Android and iOS devices. It may come in handy, if you are loading them for a summer holiday or to purchase the most suitable accessories for a  Black Friday . Some apps are offline, you don’t have to worry about data charges, so you can bring them on a flight, bus or wherever.

1. King of Karts

The game app is available on appstore. King Kart is a 3D racing game where you can battle against AI racers or real-life friends across 8 challenging tracks. It supports local multiplayers where 6 devices can determine the best racer among them all. It’s great fun for every kids.

2. Patchmania Kids

The game app is available on appstore. The app doesn’t support in-app purchases and it supports 625 original puzzles suitable for kids. The kid app also feature a whimsical that will delight and entertain kids.

3. Endless Alphabets

The app is available on both Android and iOS. Is an educational app that will teach kids in learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabets. The app comes with 7 word puzzles and animations. Before you know, your kids will start using words like “omnivorous” and “gargantuan”. It will also make their journey more fun because it’s suitable for all ages.

4.Toca Mini

It’s available on Android and iOS device. Kids can have fun by creating their own characters using stamps, colours and tactile touchscreen controls. Toca mini is an open-ended app from the great publisher, Toca Boca. Your kids are entitled to enjoy their journey well with the app as they explore the world.

5.Dinosaur Mix

The game app is available for iOS device. The children put parts together to make a brightly-coloured dinosaur, then go around and pick all the right foods and find eggs. It’s suitable for all kids and it will be fun having this app when traveling with your kids.

6.Night Zookeeper Teleporting Touch

The game app is available free on iOS only. It’s a creative app based on zoo. The zoo is full with magical animals and it also forms the basis for a series of drawing, writing and reading activities for children. Kids can also set up their missions when not in travel from an online dashboard.

7. The Foos

The game app is available on iOS only. Is a game that introduces kids to basics of computer programming. Kids don’t actually write codes instead they drag and drop picture blocks to control cartoon characters. It’s suitable for all kids at all age and very creative.

8. Ubongo Puzzle Challenge

The game app is available on appstore. Ubongo Puzzle challenge is a fast-paced puzzle game where you sprint to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. It’s creative and fun having this game loaded on your tablets or phone for kids. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more jewels you collect. It offers more than 6,000 random levels and helps to improve visual thinking in 3 different single-player modes. It’s fun and of course, creative.

9. Niko and The Sword of Light

It’s available only on appstore. Niko and the sword of light is an animated graphic novel a young talented boy’s fight against the hard forces of the darkness. The game is set to a cinamic soundtrack. If your kids loves adventures games, they will definitely fall in love with this game because the game has a lot of actions and great morals.

10. Justin’s World – Jigsongs

The game app is available for both  Android  and iOS device. On British children TV, you would deduce that Justin Fletcher is one of the most recognisable faces and he’s also fronted a series of applications in the last year. The game blends music with Jigsaws, as children solve the virtual puzzle and watch Justin sing songs including Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonald, the grand old Duke of York. The game is all about music and it will surely delight kids.

Conclusion and Verdicts

Those are the best and recommended apps you should have when traveling with kids to keep them from boredom and make everywhere lively to them.

Moreover, what apps have your children enjoyed, that you would suggest other parents may want to try when traveling to make their children journey more entertaining?

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