NCC Releases Short Code To Stop Annoying And Unsolicited Messages

Nigeria Communication Commission, NCC, has released a new standard short code to stop unsolicited and annoying messages as the commision repeated that this will utilise Telecom consumers to provide them with quality services and valuable information. Meanwhile, this was resolved at 84th edition of NCC’s outreach programme in Abuja.

This was made known by Prof. Umar Danbata, the executive vice chairman of the Commission and represented by Alhaji Ismail Adedligba, deputy director consumer affairs.

How To Stop Unsolicited And Annoying Messages 

Sometimes is very annoying receiving too much adverts from MTN and Etisalat with other networks but NCC has put an end to them. MTN and Etisalat was the only network in Nigeria that applied while other networks are yet to join the league.

Annoying messages

It is easy and simple. Just send HELP to 2442 for free and you will see the options to option out from the services or SMS campaign including health, sport, banking, e.t.c

The options that will be sent are;

Text 1: To receive Banking/Insurance/Financial products.
Text 2: Real Estate.
Text 3: Education
Text 4: Health
Text5: To receive consumer goods & automobiles.
Text6: Communication/broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
Text 7: Tourism & Leisure
Text 8: Sport
Text 9: Religion
Text 9a: Christianity
Text 9b: Islam
Text 9c: Others
Text 10: Information on new products/Services
Text 11: News Alerts

Text 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products 
Text 2: Real Estate 
Text 3: Education 
Text 4: Health 
Text 5: To receive consumer goods & Automobiles 
Text 6: Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT, Text 7: Tourism & Leisure 
Text 8: Sport 
Text 9: Religion 
Text 9a: Christianity 
Text 9b: Islam 
Text 9c: Others 
Text 10: Information on new products/services Text 11: News Alerts
You can now send any corresponding number to 2442 and you will be optioned out from receiving annoying messages.
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    This is a very good update from u now I can stop dos useless msg thank u!!!

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    Great post its useful

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    So I can now stop d annoying messages , lovely post, thanks prex

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    nice move from NCC.
    really gonna be helpful

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    Hmmm NCC knows their duties? I think this is what they need to kept doing and send a strict warning to this networks provider cox many people cried because of them

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    A way to end this shit has been finally made. Nice move by NCC.

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    MTN should have to leave Nigeria , they cheat ,deceived and take out money out so Nigeria need to work on their native Networks provider like Glo

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    NYC one from NCC,now I know how to deal with mtn

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    Helpful article…..musicplus my first target

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    Lolz…. So they know they can stop this since all this days. Thanks For Updating the post Precious Comment from

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    kudos to ncc

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    Helpful article and nc post

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    Thank you prexident I've been looking for a way to stop those shii

    Nice article

    How to get 600mb for free on airtel

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    Thanks Prex for the update I think NCC is making a good move nice one

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