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New Bot That Can Answer And Solve All MTN Problems And Issues

As I was browsing through my timeline on Facebook, I stumbled on a Facebook page which I decided to make query of MTN issues because of its Facebook page description and amazingly, it replied me instantly with the problem. I decided to get little information about the Facebook page but later discovered that the Facebook page was a Bot programmed with artificial intelligence.

I think this bot will be able to solve some of your related MTN issues and problems rather than disturbing MTN officials on Twitter (@180). This Bot is called Temzy.

When you go to Temzy Facebook page, just tap on “SEND MESSAGE” and it will reply you instantly with any MTN issues. I think this is another way to solve any personal issues you have with MTN than calling MTN customer care who will delay you forever.

What do you have to say about the MTN Bot?


  1. that's cool. nice move from mtn

  2. NYC one,tanx 4 sharing

  3. nice update …nice one from mtn

  4. Wow…this is great and zero stress is involve

  5. Mr prex, What is that behind this bot….robot or human???

  6. Thanks for the update prexB

  7. Thats cool to hear , nyc move from mtn

  8. Thanks for update prex

  9. Is a bot…it was programmed by human.

  10. I guess programming has grade after all

  11. Really good one from MTN.

  12. That is gud to reduce dere problem of deductin credit

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