New Firefox Quantum Browser: Fast, Less RAM Usage and with Branded Features

Quantum browser had been in Beta version for sometimes now but has finally come out, Mozilla claims the browser is quite as fast as the original browser was six months ago. Actually, it achieved a speed boost with its new branded browsing engine.

It also has a multi architecture that allows it to consume around 30% less RAM than Google chrome and even the tab switching has become more faster.

Some of its quality features is that the design is minimal. The browser lets you take and share screenshots without using a third-party apps or even an add-on. You can find the quick service right in the toolbar for performing things or saving stuffs later. 

In the new quantum browser library is absolutely where you will find your favourite contents such as bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots, downloads and pocket saves. All of these services are available in one spot. 

Firefox still supports extensions and themes. The toolbar is however customizable through drag and drop. It also has some features of previous Firefox left, you can still sync passwords, bookmarks, and other data, and the send Tabs feature lets you instantly share open tabs between your computer, tablet and mobile.

The app is available for all desktop, Android device and iOS users. Get yours over here and enjoy.

Watch the official video that explains its features below:


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