The legal war isn’t stopping soon between Apple and Qualcomm. Qualcomm, the chip producer filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming Apple had shared its trade secret with Intel.

However, this could be very bad for Apple if the allegation is proved truthful. Qualcomm says Apple “has taken its commercial leverage” to demand “unprecedented access” to its valuable software. Meanwhile, Apple has been buying mobile data modems from Qualcomm for years and reported to stop very soon in mere days before this allegation came across.

Intel is important in this lawsuit, because what Apple did with information it got from Qualcomm it shares to Intel – the biggest Qualcomm competitor.

See the important part in the filing below:

Qualcomm’s proprietary implementation of this communication protocol is not dictated by any standard and it contains Qualcomm’s highly confidential trade secrets. Apple, however, included in the “CC’d Persons” distribution list for this request an engineer from Intel (a competitive vendor) and an Apple engineer working with that competitive vendor.

If this allegations is proven true, Apple only option is to pay Qualcomm for sharing that type of information to one of its biggest competitors and that will surely cut the chip maker revenue by around 7.5%.

What’s your say concerning this?


Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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