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New MasterCard Now Has Built-In Fingerprint Scanner, Checkout!

Gone are the days of password as MasterCard will be featuring a biometric fingerprint scanner specially built on the credit card. Just like the way smartphones now uses fingerprint as their password to unlock in a safer way. So, the days of having to enter your four-digit personal identification number (PIN) at a cash machine is coming to an end as MasterCard has joined the league to make in-personal transaction more easier and faster.

To use it, insert the Mastercard credit card in a card reader while placing your hands on the fingerprint area and the technology will verify your fingerprint and approve the transaction without requesting for password or PIN.

However, the cards are being tested in south Africa and will be rolled out for everyone by the end of 2017. When is out, the bank will inform you that biometric card is available then go for enrollment center to get your fingers scanned.

Even if your card is stolen, it can’t be accessed because only your fingerprint is allowed during enrollment but you still have the option to use PIN code. It all depends on your choice.

What do you have to say about MasterCard new feature?


  1. Bright Bright April 23, 2017

    nice feature. but some people can be so desperate that they can just get someone's finger scan by any means either by cutting his or her Finger or maybe any other means.

    cuz I believe this modern days, good technology is directly proportional to bad technology. the more it's getting better, the more bad hackers and others devise evil improvements too.

    anyway they must have thought of all this and I hope it will be secure. they can even add eye scanner too you know -_*

    nice update

  2. Isah Adamu baush Isah Adamu baush April 23, 2017

    This is modern world , I agreed 100% with MasterCard for this awesome development and I think pin method is going to work ,cox what of, if u want to send someone to make a wildraw for u ,can he used his thumbprint ? thank Pin is going to work

  3. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real April 23, 2017

    This will surely reduce fraud cos no same fingerprint in d world

  4. Rashidi Rashidi April 23, 2017

    fingerprint security is 100% secure but somehow risky

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