New Nokia 3310 Now Available In Nigeria, See Price!

It’s amazing as the old rebranded and reproduced Nokia 3310 featured phone arrived in Nigeria with quality features. Quality features in a featured phones like others. It has been available in other countries for sometimes but finally, it has arrived at the Nigeria markets.

It’s affordable and cheap. The old Nokia 3310 that was used before now, was strong and powerful that makes everyone love the company, Nokia. The phone was one of the most sold handset in history because of its superb features and power. Everybody knows the phone.

So, Nokia 3310 is now available on Jumia, Konga, Slut, Finet, 3C Hub and many other online stores and offline stores at an affordable price range of N18,000 – N20,000. Very easy and simple to purchase.

You can check the full specifications, features of this New Nokia 3310 and even the fake versions are also in market, you can check on how to know fake and original version of Nokia 3310 in order to prevent you from being a victim.

Will you buy the phone at that price?

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  1. Reply

    I knew that when d phone gets to naija,it will b expensive especially within this recession,well anyone whose pocket is well loaded will surely purchase d phone

  2. Reply

    okay, let he dat can buy go and buy…. 9ja Y?

  3. Reply

    Technology has passed this stage
    People want more form their phones not just making calls.
    cant even buy it at 10k

  4. Reply

    I can't o. this price can buy an Android phone o. a good Android phone. I admit it has good specs but the price is just too high

  5. Reply

    And u call it cheap as for me is not cheap will

  6. Reply

    I thought it should not b like 10000 naira pls prexB still don't Notification on my phone for upgrading from v6.0

  7. Reply

    it's expensive
    not even a Symbian phone

    • bAMDLY
    • June 6, 2017


  8. Reply

    Very funny. They should reduce the price oooo. E no b lik those days wey e dey kari champion oooo phones don plnty now

  9. Reply

    3310 is back. Old new blazing phone but y wud dey fix that price for such ….. Android phones still mak senz na abi dem don forget niii

  10. Reply

    The phone is cool but I wish they could make the android version, that could b better

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