Samsung Galaxy S9 is now available while the upgraded version, Galaxy S9+ will be out by March. There’s huge competition in the phone industry as Samsung need to show Apple that it has the software and hardware to maintain its leadership in the Android market.

In the eyes of consumers, Samsung needs to be better than the iPhone X. Let’s see how they can be compared.

Video and Photography

Samsung equipped S9+ with two cameras: a wide angle and a telephoto (like the iPhone X) and both captures at a resolution of 12MP (just like the iPhone X). The two lenses of the Samsung S9+ are mounted vertically just like what Apple also does with its flagship.

The big difference is the low light performance. Taking a picture with S9, actually capture 12 images simultaneously. Then it compares all exposure to create a single single shot with all details you want but with little noise as possible. It’s similar to how iPhone X processes high-dynamic range photos.

Samsung Galaxy S9 physical camera lens which has a wider aperture of f1.5 to let in more light compared to Apple f1.8. In the camera world, if Samsung tries to expand the technology, that small change can make a big difference.

Screen and Display

Aside from the camera, most features of the iPhone X is similar to that of Galaxy S9 and S9+. The small and larger variants of Samsung latter version have 6.2 inch display and 5.8 inch display screen, and they also weigh 189gram and 163gram respectively.

The iPhone X weighs 174 grams but the screen is one big difference. The S9 screen is uninterrupted rectangle. The bezels at the top and bottom of S9 screen is thin but iPhone X screen is thinner.


Apple phone uses its own A11 Bionic chip, which runs at up to 2.4GHz, using six processing cores. The Apple’s custom designed silicon integrated with the iOS software makes it appears greater.

Samsung has equipped S9 with the latest Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 845. The CPU runs at speeds up to 2.8GHz and has eight processing cores. In other regions, such as Europe, Samsung will use its own Exynos processor, not Qualcomm’s.

Features and Security

In storage, Apple never allow customers expand their memory storage with any microSD because iPhone will give you 256GB inbuilt storage, while Samsung does with the S9, it will have 64GB built in and supports a microSD to expand the memory up to 400GB. However, if you finished up Apple’s inbuilt memory storage, you’ll have to based on cloud hosting such as iCloud and Dropbox.

In security, Samsung is continuing to use fingerprint and Iris scanner for unlocking the latest Galaxy. Apple’s face recognition feature was deemed secure enough to no longer require fingerprints at all.

Samsung has also taken the idea of Apple’s animated emojis but Samsung own will create range of emojis which can be used on social media by just taking the front facing camera closer to your face.


The Samsung models are way cheaper than the iPhone X, which costs $999.

What’s your say about the comparison of iPhone X and latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones?

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