Telegram X is a new messenger app which is well written and built from scratch to offer more speed and features.

Telegram has over 180 million users monthly, as of December 2017, making it one of the most popular messenger app in the market.

According to Telegram official statement;

“Our mission is to make Telegram faster, slicker and easier to use with each passing month. Competition is the soul of progress, so at first we got plenty of inspiration from other messengers that spurred us on.

But as years passed, we saw less and less innovation coming from competitors, who now seem content merely to adapt Telegram features to their platforms with an average lag of two years. In this environment, we started relying on internal competition to feed our flames.

This is why for the last two years we’ve been developing a new generation of Telegram clients in parallel with the main versions.

The Telegram X project features apps written from scratch, with an entirely new code base and without all the legacy components that our older apps have accumulated through the years.”

The app is packed with some new features such as Swiping command which makes it possible to swipe between chats/calls on the main screen and swipe right on any message to bring the forwarding menu.

It features an optimized profile page, reworked music player and a mode to remove chat bubbles and use the freed up space for better placement of the text and media in the messages instead.

Telegram X app is currently available on Android Playstore by clicking here and iOS Appstore by clicking here.

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