Worst experience ever! Have you misplaced or lost your Android smartphone? Yea! You can now locate your mobile phone easily using this tutorial. If you lost your smartphone, it means that all hope is lost because how would you get a missing or misplaced smartphone but thanks to Technology and security improvements.

So all Android smartphones can now get their lost, stolen, missing and misplaced mobile phone only when their smartphone; Location or GPS is turned on with that of the stolen smartphone as well, the stolen smartphone must have an active data connection, the smartphone and the stolen smartphone must have been signed in or linked to Google. So those are the requirements.

How To Locate Your Missing, Lost, Misplaced and Stolen smartphone

  • Then turn on your LOCATION from your Android notification bar.

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to https://myaccount.google.com/find-your-phone or download Android Device Manager (ADM) application by clicking here from your friend smartphone.
  • Then login your Gmail account you used in your stolen smartphone and you would see your stolen smartphone name then select it.

  • So, you can now tap on RING and the stolen smartphone will ring. You can tap on LOCATE to view the location of your missing smartphone.

  • You can zoom and see the main Street, location of where your stolen smartphone is.

**Note: **You can also call the stolen smartphone, set password to lock your phone, write a note to the finder, sign out from your phone, reach out for local help and erase device.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues? While trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!

Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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