New Way To Know Fake Or Original Infinix Phone And Battery

Are you using Infinix? You can now check and verify if your Infinix phone is fake or original. Hmmm not exactly your phone but other Infinix phones as well.

Infinix has now created an online platform where users can check if their Infinix phones and batteries are fake or original. Nowadays, product imitation is something very unavoidable in the market of nowadays especially when the product is from a popular brand. Infinix devices are widely used around Africa and known for making cheap and affordable smartphones with great features.

How To Know If Your Infinix Mobile Phone Is Fake Or Original

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to Infinix Verification Tool.
  • Then insert your 15digits IMEI number in the first space and VC number in the second space (You can check your IMEI number by dialing *#06# and VC number at the back of your Infinix phone) and Tap on submit. If is original, it will write “Welcome to use original Infiinx phone“.

  • So to check your battery, if is fake or original, just go to the Infinix Verification Tool and insert your battery SN which you will locate at your battery compartment and Tap on Submit to check.

So with this, you will be able to know if your infinix phone is fake or original.

Is it helpful? Have you check yours? Is it Fake or original?


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