New Way To Move Applications From Phone Memory To SD card On Android Device

Have you been trying to move your Applications from phone memory to your SD card also known as MEMORY CARD? You might have used up your phone memory space and now needs room to store more files. Yea! You can move your Apps from your phone memory to your SD card/memory card by following up this tutorial.

It was only older Android versions from jellybean to kitikat where able to move their Apps easily using file manager or through their phone settings but some kitikat and above versions doesn’t have the feature to move apps in their phones. So that’s why I have decided to publish out this tutorial for it to resolve this issue.

How To Move Applications From Phone Memory To SD card (2.2 to 4.2 kitikats).

  • Firstly, you have to tap on SETTINGS.
  • Then tap on APPS and click on MANAGE APPS and you will see all your Apps lists.
  • Then choose the app you want to move and finally tap on MOVE TO SD card.
  • You are done! You can start moving the Apps one by one till you are done.

How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To SD card On 4.2kitikats and above Using Apk extractor

  • It is very easy and simple. You have to first download Apk extractor by clicking here.
  • Then install the Apk extractor and go back to your phone file manager then you will see a folder named ExtractedApks; hold it and copy the folder to anywhere in your SD card.
  • After that, you can then launch your Apk extractor app and hold on the App you wish to move to your SD CARD and it will be extracted successfully.
  • Then go to your SDcard>>ExtractedApks folders and see your Apps moved successfully or you can go to your Apk extractor and tap on the left upper three dots and tap on path, you will see your moved Apps there too.

So by now, you would have successfully moved your Apps from phone memory to SD card.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

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  1. Reply

    People using new phones doesn't complain about moving app anymore so this tutorial is mostly for old phones

  2. Reply

    Yea even the new phones doesn't have the feature to move apps. So sometimes, your phone memory might got filled up and the next solution is to move all your Apps to SD card.

  3. Reply

    cool.. thanks for the info

  4. Reply

    how do I move those from my RAM… I mean those apps consuming my RAM to my SD card? wanna release space for the RAM

  5. Reply

    Nice post… praying it worjs for my marahmallow OS android…. this internal memory problem has been giung me lots of problems.

  6. Reply

    Use the method above to move them to your SD card then go to phone memory and delete those moved apps in order to increase your phone speed and performance.

  7. Reply

    Yea it will surely work..try it and come back to share your experience. Inasmuch, you are using Apk extractor – no more bother.

  8. Reply

    In as much as this is/was a good write up, I think it just backs up your installed apks, not really getting free space for the internal memory.

    On marshmallow, it's practically impossible, to move installed apps to from internal to external memory.

    So, in a nutshell, what this apk does, is just to create a backup of your installed apps.

  9. Reply

    No. When you extract those installed Apk App, it will move to the folder of Apkextractor in your memory card then you can delete all your apps on internal memory. Try it and see.

  10. Reply

    i say thank you in one million times

  11. Reply

    i just tried it…..but it dint work…..

    first the ExtractedApks file did no create even when i lumched the app…i have to do it manually…

    As i lunch the app and go on the extract,it just creates the apk file….and its even in the internal nemory….

    Nice post sha

  12. Reply

    What happens is that it suppose to create the folder automatically (not you creating it) and then copy the folder to SD card and when you extract, it will be on the folder in SD card.

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