YouTube monetization policy has once again changed and has become strict to those who are yet to make their journey into vlogging because of the recently copyrighted issue that backlash Google YouTube in Logan Paul’s Video that showed footage of a dead body.

After the issue, Google has introduced a new team of 10,000 employees to work alongside AI and manually approved and moderate each videos in the Google preferred creator program.

See the gradual process of YouTube monetization policy

From starting, YouTube was the best way to open an approved AdSense account because there was no rules guiding its monetization but in 2017, things changed.

YouTube monetization policy in 2017 was for a user’s account to have 10,000 views before he or she will be eligible to monetize its videos. People suffered to reached the threshold and those who could reach there would testify that it wasn’t easy.

YouTube monetization policy in 2018 is now very strict and the threshold won’t be easily reached for new beginners. It requires YouTubers to reach 4000 hours of watchtime in the past 12 months and 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel before the account can get eligible to monetize videos.

My Opinion

It’s not everyone that will suffer this again but if you can do it, why not.

What’s your say about the new YouTube monetization policy?

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