Analysis of mobile users average data usage per month has shown that telecom subscribers in Nigeria spend over N172 billion on internet every month.

According to Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) report, it shows that MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel and other smaller operators have a total active subscribers base of 149.3 million.

The latest monthly subscriber data released last month by the regulator showed that MTN had 58,121,427 users, Glo had 37,270,100 users, Airtel had 34,336,802 users and 9mobile had 19,621,806 users.

Meanwhile, the remaining figures was also shared between the small operators. But out of the 149.5 million subscribers, only 92 million are active internet users.

As at June, MTN had 31.7 million internet users, Glo 27.2m, Airtel 20.2m and 9mobile 12.6m and the remaining figures was also shared to smaller operators.

About 70% or 64m of internet users used up to 1000naira data monthly, 15% or 13.8m users purchase an average of 3000naira data monthly, 10% or 9.15m of users used 5000naira data monthly and 5% or 4.6m buy 10,000naira data each, increasing the GSM and mobile internet companies’ revenue by N46bn.

So over 2.3 trillion is gathered through data alone by the telcos every year.

What’s your say about this? How much data do you use monthly?

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