What is it like to save up at least 90% of your data while surfing the internet. Absolutely, it's like a man falls right deep into the ocean. Google has made this possible as it had added another useful data-saving feature to its Chrome browser.

The new Chrome browser feature automatically helps you download or save news articles when your device is connected to the internet, so that they can be made available when you have turned off your data connection.

To be more specific, the articles would be relevant to you because they would be downloaded automatically based on your browsing history and the contents that are the most popular in your location. So, whenever you want to access these contents, they will be available even if you don't have a connection.

However, Google says the feature is mainly targeted to its Next Billion Markets (NBU), and has been made available to over 100 countries, including Nigeria.

In conclusion, the feature can be very helpful, especially if you are the type that reads articles a lot. You won't have to spend and waste data online, but instead they would be present at your doorstep.

Don't you think that is a great innovation? What's your say?

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Precious Agbontan

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