Nokia 6 Gets Tortured: Scratched, Burned And Bend Testing On Video

Nokia 6 amazed me as it was tortured on video, undergoes burn, scratch and bend testing but nothing happens to it. Nokia 6 will definitely be the most durable smartphone of 2017 as this video shows how the screen was scratched with a sharp object and was as well, burned but didn’t have any effect on it. Not only that, the speaker net cover, camera, side bars, earpiece hole, the back, the fingerprint sensor button and many other places was scratched with a sharp object. In fact, this was a torture.

 You can watch the video below;

For what I have seen, this new Nokia 6 could be the successor of old original Nokia 3310 because of its durability and its resistance to fire, scratches and bend.

See some of the photos;

What do you have to say about this?

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  1. Reply

    hmmm is it really that strong… is it water resistant

  2. Reply

    Amazing! If it was real, it might be the successor of the nokia 3310 as you already said. Nice post.

  3. Reply

    Lolzz I didn't mean is the successor. I just use it to compare Nokia 3310 because of its durability.

  4. Reply

    lol…..d descendant of Nokia 3310 is finally here

  5. Reply

    should have be named INVINCIBLE

  6. Reply

    I understand what you meant Oga Prex. Keep up your good work.

  7. Reply

    nc from den!

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