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Ntel Increases Their Monthly Data Plan by 40%, See New Plan!

Ntel, one of best Nigeria 4G LTE network operator has increased their monthly plan of N12,500 unlimited smartphone data plan to N17,500 called “Unlimited Family“.

About 5 months ago, the plan was N10,000 and was increased to N12,500 but some days ago, it was increased to N17,500. That’s two price increases in less than a year despite the fact that their service has gotten less reliable.

The worst of all is that, the data plan was increased without prior notice or informing their customers and this recent change had made some of their subscribers sparked anger against them on twitter but still yet, they’ve refused to reply.


  1. Matt James Matt James December 18, 2017

    I am also surprised to see something of such from a network provider, They increase by %40 without a prior notice, this is really annoying. I think I am going off there network, without the increment itself the network is no longer reliable, You can download with high speed again and sometimes it stop working for more than 2-3hrs, thats bulls***t

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