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Play as you Browse: Videos Auto-play feature to be Added on YouTube

YouTube – a website where you upload or share your videos, is testing a new feature on its app called “Play as you browse“, this feature will auto-play videos only on home feed.

Do not be confused, this feature is not like the existing similar feature that allows the (mobile app to play the next video after the current one ends). YouTube lovers will surely know that..

In this case, videos play without sound and you’ll see subtitles giving you an idea on what’s happening in the video.

While you see a complete video, if you scroll up or down, the playback will stop, resulting in the current video visible on screen being auto-played.

To explain in details, the feature is just similar to that of Facebook auto-play videos but YouTube own has subtitle. So, you will first get more details about the video before opening it. Meanwhile, you can disable the feature via Account>>Settings>>General and can be activated back when on WiFi.

There is no information on when it will be released or roll out. The feature is very nice and amazing but will swallow millions of gigabytes daily in Nigeria, what do you think?


  1. hassan hassan October 12, 2017

    What a nice feature been added to this great gonna open mine right now to see how it looks like.

  2. hassan hassan October 12, 2017

    The only app I know that keeps getting better features,thanks to the great team.

  3. Paul Damy Paul Damy October 12, 2017

    For the past 3months now, YouTube has been actively working on it's service like the “offline YouTube” e.t.c. and they have been able to bring out positive improvement from those projects.
    Kudos to them. We hope to see more.
    Thanks for updating us once again!


    HTC enjoys double monthly revenues for September

    The public opinion is that things are not going well for HTC, even reports emerged that HTC was considering selling off only for the reports to fine tune into Google hiring HTC’s top engineers for a collaborative project. However HTC is not doing very badly as their financial statement for last month showed very healthy fortunes.
    Announcements coming from HTC revealed that its revenue for last month more than doubled up. According to the official figures, released by HTC, revenue for the month of September grew to US$215 million exceeding a double of the revenue declared for the month of August.
    Shipments to Google by HTC would probably have the major inspiration for the leap in fortunes for HTC. Especially as HTC played a fundamental role in the production of the Google Pixel 2. But it is not all yet galore for HTC as they are still on the losing side when yearly gains are calculated.
    We expect more from HTC before the end of 2017 as we anticipate a range of HTC devices to be released this year especially for the U11 Plus expected to reduce heftily on the bezels composition.


    Apple announces release of iOS 11.0.3 update for iPhone and iPad

    It is habitual as we know for Apple to be wracking their engineers’ heads to cook up upgrades to their iOS platforms. Such updates come as intermittent solutions to a number of bugs that creep up regularly.
    The latest coming from is the iOS 11.0.3 update for iPhone and iPad. The updates come in the size of 285mb. This follows hotly on the heels of the recent 11.0.2 update that was released sometime last week.
    This new update as said is a solution to a couple of bugs that popped up. The first happens to be on the audio as well as the haptic feedback on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. On those devices, those functionalities weren’t smooth with a number of users bemoaning the hitches. The other bug that the new update would deal with concerns input responsiveness which was crept up prominently on iPhone 6S units. These iPhone 6S were particularly those which were repaired with non-genuine parts.
    Consequent to the release of this new update, Apple has called out against the use of non-genuine parts in the repairs of bad parts. You can download the update via iTunes as well.


    Microsoft commences integration of Cortana into Skype

    For some time now, Microsoft has been touting the idea of incorporating its virtual assistant Cortana with Skype. All the way Microsoft has been striving to push in Cortana into all its facilities and it was all natural Cortana soon made its way to Skype. After so much testing, the feature is live now.
    This was confirmed in announcements released by Microsoft pertaining to the integration of Skype into iOS and Android versions of Skype.
    Cortana has its advantages that it brings on board. One of these ways in which we will find Cortana relieving is its in-context assistance. This judiciously gets you helpful suggestions based on the context or topic you are discussing with your conversant in your chat.
    Aside that, Cortana when dutifully embedded can help you with suggestions of movies, reviews as well as help you with reminders of your event and schedules.
    Now that Cortana is on Skype, it can take on the responsibility of your contact. So you can chat one on one with Cortana. And Cortana can help you with stuff like the weather predictions, checking out your flight status, stock quotes and all that. For now, the integration of Cortana into Skype is in the U.S. and would be rolling out to other countries.

  7. hussaini hussaini October 12, 2017

    Thanks for the information, wish they will continue like this

  8. Chidowski Chidowski October 12, 2017

    Great development from YouTube.
    But i think i will cost more data.

  9. Chidowski Chidowski October 12, 2017

    Great development from YouTube.
    But i think it will cost more data.

  10. DE PROF DE PROF October 14, 2017

    Nice udate from youtube hope it wount takes more megabyte to stream a video.

  11. Mathew Ogih Mathew Ogih October 14, 2017

    I think they should allow sound, I mean what if you playing a music video or even a tutorial video?.

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