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POLL: How will you design your dream Smartphone, if you are given the chance?

For me, if I am given the chance to design my dream smartphone, these are the features the smartphone will possess:


DISPLAY: 25 inch Display screen with 50:35 aspect ratio with Corning Gorilla 20 glass screen.

MEMORY: 600GB RAM, 900GB inbuilt memory storage and 1 terabyte external memory storage with my SwagX microSD.

PROCESSOR: 10.0 Decacore processor, Adrena 900 GPU.

SOFTWARE: Utopia OS combination of IOS 111.1.2 and Android 100.2.5 Peppermint OS.

DESIGN: Polished aluminium with diamond glasses and gold cases.

CAMERA: 500MP + 900MP frontal camera and 900MP + 900MP + 900MP triple camera at the back.

BATTERY: 200,000,000 Mili Ampere battery.

So, what of yours?


  1. Mathew Mathew May 4, 2018

    How will you want a phone to have a screen of 25 inch? Even laptops of 17 inch is a big problem and you’re talking about 25 for phone?

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | May 4, 2018

      Just love bigger screen? What do you suggest?

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 4, 2018

    Admin, i like this your prediction, it nice design if not that the inch display is very high.. At least 10 inches

  3. Marveln Marveln May 5, 2018

    @admin easy nah, i dey frear u oooo. That u battery size na die

  4. Ademola femi Ademola femi May 21, 2018

    Phone Name: X-Edge Z1
    Display: 6.5″ bezel-less
    Memory: 16gb ram, 512gb inbuilt memory expandable to 2terabyte
    Processor: 10.0 deca core, adrenal 900GPU
    Software base: Android 9(P) version….
    Colour: luxurious Gold or silver
    Camera: 50mp + 25mp dual front camera and triple rear camera of order 100mp + 75mp +50mp
    Dust proof, water proof.
    Sensors: accelerometer, fingerprint scanner, face Id, iris scanner, proximity sensors….. E.t.c
    Battery capacity: 100,000mAh with fast charging and wireless charging… Etc..

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