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It’s everytime inquiries are being made and asked on concerning the features and functions of this blog called and it’s so aggravating and generally, disappoints clients to meet me on social medias which can make me feel awkward to answer a huge number of solicitations concerning an issue.

Today, i will compose this FAQ to handle and answer every one of your inquiries identified with this blog and I trust that your inquiries will have an answer in this article. So the inquiries and answers proceeds with legitimate arrangement.

1. What’s prexblog? is a blog that deals with many problems relating to Technology and it’s updates. As we all know that Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

However, this blog deals with the most important part of Technology which are instant solutions of; phones, computers, upgrading and downgrading of OS (operating system), phones and PC/desktop specifications, Custom ROM and Stock ROM porting with flashing, browsing solutions: MTN, Etisalat, Ntel, Glo, Smile, InterC, Cell C, Vodafone, Airtel e.t.c, web tutorials: blogger, wapka, mywapblog, installing of templates, SEO, Adsense e.t.c, Technology Updates and lots more.

2. How To Search Or Find An Article On Prexblog?

It is easy and simple to find an article on Prexblog has search box to process those requests.

Scroll down to prexblog search box and type what you are looking for, into the search box and finally, tap on SEARCH to find the article.

3. How To Comment On Articles?

It is very easy and simple to comment on prexblog articles. You can comment by scrolling down on the article you wish to publish your comment. Then type your comment, website address, name and use your Google account (Gmail) or other emails to PUBLISH the comment.

4. How To Connect To Prexblog On Social Medias?

Yea! Prexblog is available on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, BBM and many others. You can follow us or like us and enjoy more of our contents.

5. How To Receive Updates To My Phone As SMS?

You can always receive prexblog updates instantly on your phone as SMS without any charges. You just have to send PREXBLOG to 40404 and enjoy!

6. Do Prexblog have any Android App?

Yes! Prexblog has an Android application for all users to receive instant updates to their smartphone and even able to surf prexblog through the app. However, the app is Ad free and no lagging. It can be downloaded by clicking here on playstore – Make sure you give it 5-star rating.

7. Who Owns

The CEO of is Precious Agbontan who studied psychology in university of Ibadan and he lives in Lagos state but good, when it comes to Technology issues. He spent most of his time on the internet to help others.

8. Does Prexblog Accepts Guest Post And Sponsored Posts?

Yes! Prexblog accepts quality guest post and sponsored post from his users. Guest post is free while sponsored post attracts a token of $100. You can send your guest post via and click here for sponsored post.

This FAQ will always keep you updated as new questions are found.


  1. Badmus Adebayo Badmus Adebayo March 15, 2017

    Nice one Prex. You've gotten a heart that is always willing to help. Keep up your good work.

  2. Bright Bright March 15, 2017

    fabulous! well designed blog… keep up the good work and always have the heart of helping others just as u do now…. my question: if PURIFY is sent to non rooted phones, will it work effectively

  3. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real March 15, 2017

    nc blog!! Dis explanation make sence nice one!! nx blog once of again…. up up prexblog gr8!!!

  4. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real March 15, 2017

    You can always receive prexblog updates instantly on your phone as SMS without any charges. You just have to send 40404 to
    PREXBLOG and enjoy!
    Pls can u emphasize on diz!!

  5. Official Prexblog Official Prexblog March 15, 2017

    When you send 40404 to PREXBLOG, you will always get update of any article published here on prexblog.

  6. Bright Bright March 15, 2017

    instantaneously and spontaneously? it does need to get permission from you… what I mean is that the instant you post anything here, it will appear on our mobile phones?

  7. Bright Bright March 15, 2017

    that's fast! is the service free for you? do they charge you money?

  8. abdulrahman yusuf abdulrahman yusuf March 15, 2017

    Psychology and Technology!!!Oga prex I love ur diversification, keep thinking out of d box my guy

  9. Badmus Adebayo Badmus Adebayo March 16, 2017

    I guess u making a mistake. 40404 to Prexblog or prexblog to 40404.

  10. Badmus Adebayo Badmus Adebayo March 16, 2017

    I guess u making a mistake. 40404 to Prexblog or prexblog to 40404.

  11. Badmus Adebayo Badmus Adebayo March 16, 2017

    How do I unsubscribe if no longer wish to receive sms. Is there on need to add the word “follow” before prexblog? Thank you.

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