Now 3 Months Old: See The Best Commentators!

Wow! owned by Precious Agbontan now complete 3 months old in this month of May with unexpected tremendous ranks coming from different search engines and social medias through the support of my lovely fans.

I am the happiest man on earth seeing the supports from all prexbloggers especially those who spent their time reading my articles, those who comment on my articles, those who share my articles to their friends from various angles, those who use the name of prexblog as backlink from different websites and those who always try to visit this blog. I really want  to say thank you guys for your full-time support over my success.

To those who I ignored their messages and mails, am very sorry for that, is due to my active busy mode. Without prexbloggers, no prexblog and nothing really can make it lively or active without you people. So, I really appreciate.

Prexblog completed these 2 months with good social media and members statistics that I will unveil below;

  1. Facebook Page – Up to 800 Likes
  2. Twitter – Up to 400 Likes
  3. Quora – Up to 40 followers
  4. Instagram – Up to 400 followers
  5. Facebook Group – Up to 9,100 people joined
  6. BBM channel – Up to 103 people joined
  7. WhatsApp 1 & 2 & 3 – Up to 600 joined
  8. YouTube – Just started though, 1 subscribed
  9. Email subscriber – 13,000 subscribed
  10. SMS subscribed – 8,001 subscribed
  11. LinkedIn – 2,670 followers 
  12. Our Android app installed – 100+ on playstore and thousands of people on normal.
  13. And lastly, we also got an Adsense.

So, in just 2 months, we made this? Hmm, this is awesome because they were through your support. Thanks and let’s keep blazing. Meanwhile, we now have two domains;

Those are my websites but they are same. You can always send us Mails via our e-mail; or

Now, lets announce the best commentators of the month because through their support also, we have been moving forward because is not easy. In this month, I will reward only 4 best commentators out of active 8 best commentators because that’s was our agreement before the competition commenced.

Yea! I have a tool that is specially designed to read the best comment for every month and the tool will be unleashed to announce it today because no partialities.

Best commentators of in the month of April

1.BRIGHT – 608 comments
2. EBENCO Real – 371 comments
3. ABDULRAHMAN YUSUF – 233 comments
4. OLALEKAN OOLATUNDE – 163 comments

Other active commentators are; Isah Adamu Baush of got 111 comments, Rashidi got 83 comments, Akinremi Seun got 85 comments and Badmus Adebayo got 95 comments for this month.

You guys really tried and I love that so much. Now that we have got an Adsense, by next two months our best commentators system will change.

Thank you very much guys and your efforts has really blessed this blog. The best commentators should drop their bank details below in the comment system. Thanks.

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  1. Reply

    Congrats bro
    happy for you
    You doing a nice job
    I think I will be the next top commentator

    finally cracked. How To Be Getting Surveys From Geopoll Daily

  2. Reply

    Congrate To the BC

  3. Reply

    congrats to u Mr prexident of blog (prexB) u will surely get der And Thank U for diz party nc 1 from u Mr!!!

  4. Reply

    as i always say,forward ever backward never…
    .up prexblog

  5. Reply

    na so @yusuf!!

  6. Reply

    Kai. precious still scared huh? you always change your decisions when it comes to rewarding best commentators. You even made an article that u were going to reward just 2. but now 4. it's kind of not fair o.

    laughing out loud.

    no offence

    well congrats to you.

    hope u can get mine through 2go social network?

  7. Reply

    abi na
    Do people still
    still use 2go!!!

  8. Reply

    not that much. is it bad? why? how?

  9. Reply

    wishing u all the best .

  10. Congrats mr prexident of tech blog , the sky will b ur limit, may God bless you more

  11. So kind of u bro

  12. Reply

    ojo olubunmi hellen
    First bank
    acct no: 3022359271

  13. Reply

    the sky will be your beginning. more power to your elbow

  14. Olaide hammed lasisi 0121277700 gtbank

  15. You have been doing a nice job since u started blogging

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    Keep up the good work Prex. Congrats to the best commentators.

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Nice one preso

  20. Reply

    Acct Name:Abdulasis Mustafa Ajadi
    Acct No:4243359012

  21. Reply

    Congrats bro. more grease to ur elbow

  22. Reply

    Keep up the good, am back again.

  23. Reply


  24. Reply

    meeky bash I sight you. welcome back

  25. Reply

    tanx oga prex,I don c alert

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