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Site News Official Best Commentators For February Announced

It is not easy to win the best commentators but these people don’t only win the best commentators but assist me, guide me and help me out to pass through the stress of blogging by commenting, sharing prexblog posts on social medias. Meanwhile, this blog was launched on 1st of February, 2017 but with their help, this blog keep on growing.

So I will have to reward them. I would have pay them huge amount of money but is because there is no adsense running on this blog yet. The best commentators of this blog for the month of February are BRIGHT and EBENCO REAL while the most active users are; BADMUS ADEBAYO, ABDQUADRI IBRAHIM  and USAMA MUSTAPHA. So the best commentators receives the reward and when this blog has grown, I will be paying the most active users and best commentators.

So EBENCO REAL and BRIGHT should drop their bank account details for transfer and I will pay on the 28th of February, 2017.

However, any users can win this, only if you drop comment frequently on this blog and I don’t reward users every month, it depend on the time I wish to reward.


  1. Your name has been added to active commentators.

  2. Keep up the gud work @official. More power to ur elbow.

  3. congrat. to u!! best commentators! keep it up

  4. okay … first bank 3024 885 558

  5. Let it be like this;

    Your bank name:
    Your account number:
    Your account name:

  6. Pls! Prex where i will find hindi movies or tvshow channel in english pls! Blazer! Do ur best

  7. First bank…. 3024 885 558… Akhigbe Magdalene osariemen

  8. go to

  9. account name:WEMA bank
    acct name:ojo Ebenezer o
    account number:0231083036
    Thank U Diz grrrrr8 from U!!!!!

  10. active commentator… hmmm.
    wat number am i on d list

    Something that av won bak to back 3 times non-stop

  11. ehya… your comments aren't that much unlike ours … try harder next time

  12. Thank you Prex and bright

  13. you're welcome… glad I could help

  14. Congrat Bro we feel proud of u

  15. hmmm no offence

  16. Bright..we fought this battle togeda when it was Blazerwap.. .since it's now a new blog no worries Cudos to u.. Congrats for the award

  17. Fantastic. Really I am enjoyed your post.

  18. Go to, it's really awesome site

  19. congrats bro. Keep it up.

  20. Check

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