People who love browsing the internet for free will be happy for this free internet connection from Swift – a top leading 4G LTE network provider.

Swift Communications has been testing this service for the past 2 years and has decided to launch it for the general public. Moreover, Swift has been able to create over 500 hotspots including 250 BRT buses in Lagos alone and the hope is to get to over 10,000 locations and to other part of the country, Nigeria.

The free internet service us called “Red Cheetah“. It’s already available in locations like VGC Club, Eko hospital, Smart cabs, MMA-2, Hard rock Café, Shiro restaurant, Festival mall, Bukka hut outlets, some Tastee Fired Chicken and over 200 BRT buses.

The Red Cheetah service can be accessed through a free mobile app. For now, the Red Cheetah service is capped at 1GB daily but after Swift Communications have partnered with different brands to serve Ad though the app, the service will become UNLIMITED for everyone. And also, business who want to be part of the service can pay one-time fee of N30,000 only.

How to Get Connected on the Swift Red Cheetah service

Firstly, download the RED CHEETAH app on playstore via here, iOS and Windows version are coming in the next 3 months.
When you in the location or near the place where the free service is active or available, you will be notified by the app.

You can now connect and enjoy!

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