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How to Remove “Powered by WordPress” Footer Credit Link

Default WordPress theme always comes with footer credit link and hence, makes the website of some people unprofessional and a business website, will see the link useless.


In the first place, your website traffics is diverting to the WordPress footer link and if you own a business website, other website owners will be able to use your website theme or template through that link. So, if you won’t like other people to use your theme and if you want to make your website more professional, the best option is to remove the “default WordPress theme“.


There are some questions that may strike your mind, such as: Is it Legal to remove WordPress footer credit links and why should I remove WordPress footer credit link?


Yes! Is 100% legal to remove WordPress footer credit links because WordPress is free and is released under GPL license.

That license gives you freedom and full right to do what you please with your website. You can use modify and even redistribute WordPress.

The second question says, “Why should I remove WordPress footer credit link?”. It all depends on your choice. If you remove WordPress footer credit link, your website will look extremely professional and have a great-catchy look.

Nevertheless, this article will acquaint you on how to remove WordPress footer credit link and get the best out of your website.

How to Remove WordPress footer credit link

  • Firstly, Install “Theme Editor” plugin – Theme Editor plugin allows you to edit theme files, create folder, and upload files.
  • Open the plugin via Appearance>>Theme Editor and locate or click on “Footer.php“. You will see code like this below:

  • You can delete all the codes or edit the theme developer link to yours.
  • When done, click on “Update” and the code will be activates successfully.


This is the best way to remove WordPress footer credit link. Some WordPress version themes can’t be edited directly but only in FTP and using “theme editor” plugin will help in completing the task without any obstruction.


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