Request Any APK File And The Link Will Be Given To You

The most frustrating thing on the internet is when you search for a particular file on Google and all over the internet but later discovered that your data is the one burning with no solution. I can still remember when I was searching for a file but found nothing after several downloads of wrong files.

I know a lot of prexbloggers have many things to download like Games and Applications for their Android smartphone which might not even be on Google playstore and Google itself. So, this is the perfect time to request for the file and get instant solution link.

So, start requesting…

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    asphalt 8 airborne.

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    and pes 2017 if there's any

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    nice one. I have questions1) I have the /follow-come/ app already. any need to download this one? (though it's been long I received OTA)2) how do I uninstall root? I used kingroot to install it. but I have deleted it. but I still ain't sure whether root is there or not. I tried using root-checker. but since myphone is always displaying “unfortunately app stopped ” immediately I try opening some apps, it didn't open. so how do I unroot itReplyDeleteBright13 May 2017 at 05:02I really want an update for my note 2 cuz other note 2 have long received 6.+ through OTA update but mine is still 5.+

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    working link to download pes 2017 iso

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    NYC posts… 4 Assassin Creed

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    av u considered formatting using so flash tool bcuz I once remembered someone using tecno j5,he was about to update his phone den he unrooted it den applied d update but his phone still got bricked

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    pls add me to ur Whatsapp group 07061288418

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    samsung galaxy s2 stock ram

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    i mean samgung galaxy s2 stock rom

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    bright … download kingroot and check for (1) root button. then you will known that the phone is not rooted and also (2)ynroot when you any button your phone is rooted and just clink unroot but turn on data fire and your phone will be unrooted

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    nice update

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    Please I need the link to download GB WhatsApp latest version…….also add me to your WhatsApp group 09056816174

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    Pls i want the latest tweakware that work for both Airtel and Glo. And PES 2017 file

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    my phone is currently faulty. it shows unfortunately app stopped for some apps

  15. Download it by Clicking here

  16. PES 2017 is not yet out …is coming

  17. Open your kingroot app and go to Settings and tap on unroot it.

  18. Konami said is bringing PES 2017 to Android this month….so other links are counterfeit. Just hold on for it to come out and the link will be posted here.

  19. Download it by Clicking here

  20. He flashed the wrong file for his phone that's why.

  21. What's the model sir….

  22. Download it by clicking here

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    I9100 SIR

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    Facebook latest Version!

  25. I need a link to download latest version of :aptoide and keepvid… I forgot to update both app

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    good one precious…….also see….How To create lite apps of any website

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    Mine is simple, operamini handler that will work with glo cheat. I know its out there but can't seem to find it.

  28. Delete some files from your phone or delete the app saying it, it might be corrupted.

  29. Download Samsung S2 1900 Stock ROM by HERE… Search for your stock ROM and download.

  30. Download Facebook official latest version on playstore via HERE

  31. Download Aptoide via HERE and download Keepvid via HERE

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    the message app that came with the phone is displaying that too. please I need a link for kingroot .

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    my plan is to download the stock rom for my phone.but no mb yet. I would have used my uc handler but it always shows google stuffs and that they are unable to scan it. it just won't pass that screen. too bad. I guess I will use night plans.

  34. Stock ROM for techno h5 abeg?

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    solve the problem sooner > bright godluck…

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    pls admin ..if you format a rooted phone will the phone be unrooted } because on my galaxy s2 which was rooted with kinguser app i tried to format it twice but still rooted till now.and you cannot uninstall the app i don't known weather it was rooted by samsung ..( follow come rooting)

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    lucky patcher full app

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    Lol bro, to b sincere there is no follow come rooting , u can unroot it in d app settings to lose the root access

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    How can I play ps3 games on my android with 1gb raw and it will load faster

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    GTA IV OR V for android

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    This is a useful post

  42. No Opera Handler working with Glo cheat yet.

  43. Download the Stock ROM for Tecno H5 by clicking here with scatter files.

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    admin what the meaning of developer and what did they do

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    pdanet+ nd how to use it

  47. You can download the Lucky patcher by clicking here

  48. Download it by clicking here

  49. Web developer, a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications. Video game developer, a person or business involved in video game development, the process of designing and creating games.

    sometimes softwares

  50. It can be used to connect your VPN to PC or share Internet connection to PC….see how to use it and also download it by Clicking here

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    oga prex abeg link for NFS no limits

    • Anonymous
    • May 16, 2017

    Where to download dream league

  53. Download it by clicking here

  54. Download it by CLICKING HERE

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    Nice post

    • ziya
    • November 15, 2017

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