SAD: Glo Reduces Their Data Volume, Checkout!

The grandmaster of data plan, Glo has successfully reduced their data volume. Glo are so funny, upon how their network is slow and frustrating to their users or customers. The complaint of their customers didn’t give them the courage to fix their slow network issue but they went ahead to frustrate users the more.

Changes in Glo Data Plans;

  • 1000naira now gives 1.6GB instead of 3.2GB
  • 2,000naira now gives 3.75GB instead of 7.5GB
  • 2,500Naira now Gives 5GB instead of 10GB
  • 3,000naira now gives 6GB instead of 12GB
  • 4,000Naira now Gives 8GB instead of 18GB
  • 5,000naira now Gives 12GB instead of 24GB
  • 8,000naira now gives 16GB instead of 48GB
  • 15,000naira now gives 30GB instead of 60GB
  • 18,000naira now gives 45GB instead of 90GB

As shown below;

Same with their 4G LTE data plans;

So, Glo has definitely lose their crown as grandmaster of data plan even when their data plan was high, their network was a deal breaker.

What do you have to say about the Glo reduce of data volume?

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  1. Reply

    Y glo go increase data, abi day one be like etisalat

  2. Reply

    confused and disappointed. maybe they have fixed the network issue and have increased the speed intensity. they might have their reasons. don't you think so

  3. Reply

    Glo u disappointed us and too u are confused now there is no reasons for this data volumes reduction and i think with this , it likely seem that u are going to loss some of ur customers

  4. Reply

    it's really unfortunate, I hope they change it in future

  5. Reply

    yeah they really are going to lose some of Their customers because the reason must of their customers ie mepreferred them was because their huge data and the browsing and downloading speed was moderate here

  6. Reply

    that's not gud enough is the economy also affect glo*

  7. Reply

    Glo is not getting @ all , upon there fake server , am disappointed in glo

  8. Reply

    Sad news thanks for d update prex

  9. Reply

    abeg I dey request tecno h6 custom rom… wey no get vpn bug and others…. lollipop or marshmallow

  10. Reply

    Glo network really disappointed us and they didnt reveal their reasons for this data volume reduction and i think with this, glo is likely seem that they are going to loss alot of subscribers including me.


  11. Reply

    I only stuck with them because of their cheap data volume

  12. Reply

    Glo don mad o

  13. Reply

    Do u wanna buy GLO CHEAP DATA as B4 Call us Today 08132807742 or WhatsApp

  14. Reply

    are you for real?

  15. Reply

    So sad…i think they have short

  16. Reply

    admin i think this there campus data seem to be cheap or is there any network with cheap data

  17. Reply

    yes. they should have presented their reasons

  18. Reply

    they should have presented their reasons.

  19. Reply

    Glo Don F up. Me I don port to mtn

  20. Reply

    Message me on whatsapp 09055057854

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    i just found out today…

    • Anonymous
    • May 9, 2017

    I'm porting from glo data subscription wen I exhaust my current plan.. Mtn here I come

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