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See five features you must disable on your newly purchased smartphone

In Android or Apple, not all features that comes with a device that are helpful because every feature have its advantages and disadvantages. So, when you newly purchased a device, you need to disable some features for the well-being of the phone.

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Let’s see the features that needs to be disabled…

1. Automatic Brightness: It’s good and clear using a high level of light but you should know that something goes for something. Manufacturers offers an automatic brightness system that detects the ambient light level and adapts its display so that it remains comfortable to read.

But however, the resolution and the luminosity threshold is higher than you need and therefore, this consumes your battery more faster than you think. Try to calibrate or set the brightness light yourself.

2. Disable Useless and Cumbersome Bloatware: There are some apps that follows the phone or are from the manufacturers that takes a lot of storage space and even run in background. Meanwhile, you can’t delete follow-come or pre-installed apps, just Disable them from their settings.

3. Animations and Transitions: Some people loves animations and effects, yes! They are beautiful but if you value your battery life and you want your phone to run smoothly, kindly disable the animations for transition to be faster.

Enable Developer option by tapping on your Build number 7 times, then go to “Window Animation Scale”, ” Transition Animation Scale” and “Animation Duration Scale” and set duration to 0.5 or deactivate it.

4. Vibrations and Sounds: These features (Vibration and Sound) tend to mimic the response of physical buttons, but in practice, they are consuming your battery and irritating.

To disable, go to Settings>> Sound and Notifications and disable Dialpad sounds, Screen lock sounds, Touch sounds, Charging sounds, Vibrate on Touch e.t.c

5. Personalisation for Advertisements: Google uses your private data to know you better, which allows it to target you with ads.

To disable this, go to Settings and search in the Google menu. You will then find “Ads” and there, you’ll be able to set which apps may use your app ID to create profiles and run custom Ads.

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Now, these are the five solid features you should disable on your Android device to give you a smooth user experience, save your battery, protect your privacy and free your phone from malware, lagging and storage issues.

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  1. hassan hassan May 16, 2018

    To me that number 1 is the only one i don’t joke with because I was told that it drains alot of battery,going to see how the others that must be disable help the life of Android phone

  2. hussaini hussaini May 16, 2018

    Yea bro you have indeed said something good hear, but not only that even the brightness alone can even affect the eyes when it is at maximum level

  3. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza May 18, 2018

    Wow! Great article! I don’t joke with that Auto update feature as well, it drains battery and data. But I don’t know why it’s not mentioned here.. It’s the first thing to disable.

  4. Marveln Marveln May 21, 2018

    number2 is very annoying nd battery draining. It takes chunk of the Ram in most cases

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