See how much data WhatsApp calls can consume per minute

Many people make WhatsApp calls without actually checking the amount of data that is being consumed per minute but this article will show your data usage on WhatsApp calls, while using 2G, 3G and 4G network.

WhatsApp calls data usage can be observed and calculated based on many factors but it depends mostly on call quality and the type of data network you are using to make the call.

WhatsApp call Data usage obtained from my test

The faster your network, the more quality your WhatsApp call will be. If you connect to a 4G network and the other party connect to 2G network, the WhatsApp call consumption will be different because the 4G will consume more data than the 2G.

In a situation, where the network coverage are bad. It might shock you to see that 3G is more faster than 4G, then you can calculate it based on the network speed. However, in this article, if the network coverage uses their normal speed, you will get these results below:

  • Type of Network: 2G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 400KB
  • Type of Network: 3G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 600KB.
  • Type of Network: 4G
  • Data consumption in two minutes of call: 1MB.

These results are based on your type of network and speed but in a case where there is bad network coverage, the data consumption per minute will reduce a little and you should expect low quality call on WhatsApp.

What’s your say about the test and observations?


  1. With a good network, I still prefer it to normal phone calls. They’ll soon totally take over business nd leave airtel nd co with selling of data

  2. I don’t find it dependable yet due to the poor internet speed in this country. I’ll rather stick to the normal phone call jare

  3. This article really shows that the data consumption is not much, but the problem there is that of network at times.. We can’t enjoy it more than normal call phone call. They still need to adjust.

  4. Wow this a good informative article,this guys are into business with time I know no one will be buying card again and average Nigeria will go for the whatsapp calls.

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