See new way to get more than 4GB data bonus on Airtel network

Airtel network has been rated over Globacom’s network connection in the aspect of browsing or surfing the internet and that will of course, give you hope to surf the internet without interruption.

Airtel was the last Telecom provider to unveil their 4G LTE network but recently, they have spread the LTE network across the states and cities in Nigeria.

After the launch, they announced to give free 4GB data bonus to users who purchase an Airtel SIM or to those who swap to the 4G LTE network SIM. So, in this article, you will be acquainted on how to get more than the 4GB data bonus as revealed by one of Prexblog fans.

  • Firstly, go to any nearest Airtel store or those workers who sells Airtel SIM and buy a new 4G LTE SIM and register it.
  • Then, recharge N100 to activate the new registered SIM and immediately, you will be given free 4GB data bonus and dial *140# to check your data balance.
  • After you have exhausted the 4GB data, go to the nearest Airtel store, buy and register another Airtel SIM with just N200 and activate again with N100. You will be given another 4GB on another SIM.
  • Keep repeating the steps on different Airtel SIMs. You will always get 4GB data bonus with just N300 only.

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  1. I like this, but how i wish they allow us to use it with 3G, and the 4G is not yet available in my state KOGI. gonna wait till further notice be that.

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