Not long ago, whatsapp launched and made the two-step verification official which allows users to protect their whatsapp account with 6digits code and Email (optional). This way, other people won’t be able to log in your account except they know your 6digits passcode. This feature is very good but it also has its disadvantages and that’s what will be listed below in order for you to think twice before enabling the feature on your whatsapp account.

Danger Of Losing Your Account For 7days: You know this Two-step verification requires you to specify your email address in order to recover back your 6digits passcode anytime you forget it but if you forgot your passcode without specifying the backup email, you wont be able to re-verify your number on whatsapp for complete 7days. So this means that you wont be able to access whatsapp for 7days.

Whatsapp Account Might Get Deleted: If you re-verify your number within 30days of using the app without the passcode, your account will automatically be deleted. Although, a new account will automatically be created for you once you successfully re-verify but there is a risk of your account, chats and messages getting deleted only if you backup all times.

Annoying Reminder To Enter Passcode: This Two-verification will always ask of your passcode frequently which might be very annoying. You can’t disable this annoying reminder to enter passcode without disabling the Two-step verification altogether.

Risk Of Having Your Email ID To Threats: As said earlier, enabling this Two-step verification requires you to specify your email address In order to recover back your 6digits code when you forget it. Although whatsapp said it wont verify email to confirm its accuracy, so there is the risk that your email address will be exposed to security threats and unwanted promotional messages as well.

So its all your choice now to enable this feature on your whatsapp account.

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