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See Reasons Your Infinix Phone is Not Charging or Charging Fast

Infinix is one of the Android phone that is used by many people in Nigeria and other countries. There is a major problem that often affect its users, which is charging issue. Sometimes, the charging is slow and might not even be charging.

However, Infinix has unveiled a new feature that will solve that issue, it’s called X charge but still yet, the problem keeps re-occurring and is of course annoying to see your phone being charged for hours but only left with a little battery percentage when checked.

Normally, your phone supposed to charge for 1 hour and 30 minutes to get 100% battery life. If it takes more than 1 hour 30mins to get 100%, you need to find out some issues. This article will bring some solutions to you.

1. Bad Charger: If your Infinix phone takes longer than 1 hour 30 mins, it might be from bad charger. It is highly recommended to use Infinix follow-come charger that comes directly from the manufacturer. The original charger comes with fast charging technology and can charge your phone full below or above 1 hour and if contrary, please go get a new original Infinix charger.

An original Infinix charger comes in white colour and cord, while some come in blue pack. Make sure you test them for about 10mins before buying because they are scarce.

2. Charging Flex: This is the inbuilt connection between your phone and the charger. If damaged, you will notice that: your phone will no longer flash charge, it will not charge or may charge slow, and it won’t be able to connect to the system again.

If you notice all these issues on your Infinix phone, kindly go get a new charging flex. Don’t work on the damaged one because it has been destroyed.

3. Software: Do you know that software can cause phone to charge slow? Yes, you need to upgrade your software operating system (OS) to higher one to fix bugs and make sure you backup when flashing in order not to lose files.

4. Faulty Battery: Your phone might not charge well as a result of faulty battery. If your battery starts increasing in size, kindly note that it has developed a fault and need to be changed because it won’t charge well, is either it charges from 1% to 100% in 10 minutes or 6 hours.

5. Panel Problem:  This is the worst case, it often happens when you charge your phone with a fake battery or with naked wires and the problem is that it charges slow, gets hot when charging or when pressing. The solution is to take the phone to any nearest phone repairing shop and get the panel fixed or changed.

These solutions are hundred percent verified. Your Infinix charging problem must have been from any of the above stated issues. Find the one associated with your phone charging issue and get it fixed.

Is it helpful? Contribute or add more questions via the comment system below and if any works for you, kindly share your experience!



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  2. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 26, 2017

    They are all actually true ….I had a personal experience with number 1 and 4 and the situation really affected my phone that it almost ruin my phone's ministry, I became totally fed up. Latter on I learnt my lesson..
    I am happy to see it on this blog so that people will not be a Vitim of my experiences.

    Please do well in sharing the awesome article everywhere possible.

  3. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real September 26, 2017

    This is a nice article especially for using bad charger is common

  4. Chidowski Chidowski September 26, 2017

    I once fell a victim of no 1, with a fake infinix charger that can charge my phone upto 3hrs but still at 40%.
    And also operating your phone when charging it can also slow down the charging speed.
    Thanks for this article and advice.

  5. seun. samuel seun. samuel September 26, 2017

    Oga Prex abeg where I fit see original infinix charger buy and it amount

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