Smartphone addiction is becoming rampant as technology keeps advancing. Imagine yourself making up your mind to leave your smartphone after watching YouTube video, and you later ended up on Facebook.

Being too addicted might make you always procrastinate and always feel dizzy to perform your daily duties at home, work or anywhere. So, I have listed some tips that will make you overcome addiction at all cost.

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1. Remove social media apps: To stop smartphone addiction, kindly remove your social media apps. The apps are addictive because you will always want to check your social media activities and from there, chat and spend the whole day on it. So, it's better you remove those apps to extraordinary lessen your addiction.

2. Turn off the notifications: Pushup or notifications from various app like Facebook, Twitter, news, LinkedIn and other automatic RSS news running blog, can make you get addicted to your smartphone. The more you receive notifications, the more you get attracted to your device. It's better to turn off your notification or uninstall those apps.

3. Don't put any media on your smartphone: Try to remove all media like videos, music, and more, from your smartphone to your PC. This will stop you from getting addicted to your smartphone because you may decide to watch video and play music and from there, to other interesting apps.

4. Uninstall unused apps: It's highly recommended and advisable to uninstall unused apps or apps you feel that are attracting your attention. The apps are specifically made for fun purposes like games and others.

5. Set boundaries to your Android usage: Try to set a specific limit to your daily Android usage as this will help you overcome your smartphone addition.

6. Mute Group Chats: Try to mute your group chats as this will enable you concentrate on your daily activities. Mute chats of Facebook and WhatsApp are highly addictive. Kindly, mute them to lessen your addiction.

7. Set your phone on airplane mode while going to bed: Endeavor to set up your phone on airplane mode while going to sleep to automatically stop you from receiving notifications and other interesting stuffs that might gobble up your resting period.

8. Use Traditional Alarm clock rather than smartphone: It's literally through that once you wake up, you pick up your smartphone first. Try to use a traditional alarm clock to wake you up from sleep as this will help you perform other duties of the day without the need of your phone. At the same time, your addiction will reduce.

9. Use watch rather than smartphone to check time: Notifications will pop-up immediately you use your phone to check your time. It's highly recommended you use wrist watch to check your time to avoid continual usage of the phone.

10. Take up a new hobby: If you still can't stop your smartphone addiction after following the tips above, kindly try to take up a new hobby like playing chess, ludo or other games. At least, this will help you focus on other stuffs than your smartphone.

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Is it helpful? Which other way do you recommend for a person to stop smartphone addiction? And share your experience if the tips works for you!

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