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See The Fake Infinix Note 2 Spotted On

Unbelievable! Even online markets now has people selling fake phones. There are many people selling fake phones online and this one who was trying to sell fake Infinix Note 2 was spotted on Meanwhile, it is not only Infinix phones, there are some other phone brands like Samsung and others that are fake and forged.

Many people fall for this scams on a daily basis, probably they know nothing about smartphones. It will only take a phone geek to know or differentiate between fake or original phone. Not only fake phones are out there, but chargers, batteries and many others.

I hope you can see the location of the scanner and front camera. Infinix logo are totally fake and many people will fall victim to this Infinix phone.

So be careful of the phones you buy online and offline as well and always try to find a phone geek to follow you, whenever you want to buy or purchase any fairly used phone.

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  1. One nid to shine one's eye b4 buying used phone. Thank for the post.

  2. Prex .why is glo stark VPN not receiving data. But do connect..even my ucmini handler is only downloading high quality movies in 46kb..kindly help me out

  3. Which network cheat are you using on it?

  4. Am using Glo cheat on both vpn

  5. I think Glo has problem with the 0.0kb and I will update soon with the Latest Apns that will at least make it Browse faster.

    For the Stark VPN, they currently have bug on their app please make use of Tweakware.

  6. mine is different from his…. thanks for this post

  7. dis is nice post from Uu

  8. if not for Uu thank U

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