See The Meaning And Maximum Download Speed Of 2G, E, H, H+, 3G And 4G Networks

Any phone that can access the internet displays some sign like network signal whenever the internet is connected. If you look closer, you will notice that whenever the sign is not connected, the internet won’t work perfectly. These signs are near the network signal and are: 2G, E, H, H+, 3G and 4G networks.

These signs serves a specific purpose as speed varies their functions. The 4G LTE is presently the latest of all and the fastest as well. Every smartphone comes with one of the signals.

In this article, you will learn about their download speed and their meanings. So, let’s go on.

1. 2G GSM means Global System For Mobile Communications. It has 2kb/s maximum download speed.
2. G GPRS means General Packet Radio Service. It has 7kb/s maximum download speed.
3. E EDGE  means Enhanced Data Rate For GSM evolution. It has 27kb/s  maximum download speed.
4. 3G UMTS means Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems. It has 48kb/s maximum download speed.
5. H HSPA means High Speed Packet Access. It has 0.9MB/s maximum download speed.
6. H+ HSPA+ means Evolved High Speed Access. It has 2MB/s maximum download speed.
7. 4G LTE means Long Time Evolution. It has 12.5MB/s maximum download speed.
8. 4G LTE – A means Long Time Evolution Advanced. It has 125MB/s maximum download speed.

For me, I have hit up to 12.5MB/s download speed. What of yours? What’s the highest download speed you have attained so far?


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