We can’t deny the fact that Android offers great reliability, stability and protection but problems choose to follow it in one way and the other.

However, any problems that choose to follow your Android device, we will provide instant solutions to it right in this article by providing fixes to the little and the common ones first.

1. Battery Drain

Battery Drain is one of the most common problems in Android. Those using low battery capacity on their device will really feel sad when their phone battery starts draining heavily.

Though, there are many reasons behind the battery draining issue. One of the best way in resolving the issue is by enabling battery saving mode, decreasing phone backlight, removing live wallpaper and stopping apps running on background.

Moreover, you can use Du Battery Saver app to resolve Battery Drain issue by helping you to eliminate apps that runs on background and additionally, it helps your battery charge faster by performing the necessary things that will help you save your battery.

2. Unresponsiveness, Freeze and Slow Speed

Unresponsiveness is one of the most common problems of Android device. When your phone starts freezing whenever you try to open an app or run anything on it, you should know that your storage is low. Although, there are many reasons behind this issue.

It can be that your phone RAM is too low or your processor is too low but that does not have anything to apply greatly to the cause. The best solution is to delete unused apps and delete heavy or big files from memory card or from the inbuilt memory storage.

You can also download Clean Master app from playstore, it will help you clean up your junk files, delete big files from your phone and help you clean up your phone till its RAM, Processor and Storage regains their balance for effective running of apps and files.

3. Wi-Fi Not Connecting

Wi-Fi inability to connect often happens to phone that has been online for long time. Several times, you connect your phone to a WiFi and you might be having problems or issues getting the signal or not connecting.

The solution is to simply restart your Android phone or enable Airplane Mode for at least 1 minute and try again. It will surely work this time.

4. Syncing or Refreshing Error with Google

You might have sync your phone from Google server to backup your contact list or other reasons. You might face problems sometimes but here is the instant solution to the issue.

Check if you have recently changed your account password to update with new password. If the issue still persists, kindly enable Airplane Mode for at least 1 minute and try again. Additionally, you can also remove your Google account and add it up again.

5. Forgot The Android Unlock Pattern

Many people do forget their complex password combination or pattern, or sometimes even simple passwords/patterns. If you forget your Android password, you won’t be able to do anything on your phone till that password is bypassed.

To resolve this issue, boot into your phone recovery mode by powering off your phone and by holding the VOLUME UP button + the POWER KEY button. It will boot directly into recovery mode, now scroll down and select “CLEAR CACHE AND DATA” and select “YES” to proceed. Once it’s done, you have successfully cleared your Android phone data and information and the password won’t be there any longer. Reboot and set a simple password this time or complex one that you can ever remember.

6. Keyboard Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, Android default keyboard do have problems while typing and can even become unresponsive or stuck up. You should download “Google Keyboard” on playstore and set it as your default app and enhance your typing experience.

7. Turn OFF Screen While Charging

When you plug in your phone into charger and your phone screen automatically turn off. Therefore, to resolve this, kindly go to Phone Settings>>Apps>>Development and tick the “Stay Awake” option to keep the phone awake while charging.

8. Phone Cannot Connect To PC for Data Transfer

To transfer data from PC to mobile or from mobile to PC, you need an app called AirDroid to make it work seamlessly, that’s if you use laptop or WiFi. This app will help you wirelessly transfer data to PC. Sometimes, your USB or USB port in PC doesn’t support each other that’s another reason you might face this type of problem.

9. Google Play Errors

Google playstore is the main, reputable and trusted store for all Android users to download their applications. If you experience any error like “Not downloading” and other stuffs, you should try out these simple solutions.

Remove and add your Google account again, this might resolve the issue within a minute. You can also clear the cache and data of your Google playstore app by going to Settings>>Apps>>Google playstore. Additionally, you can go to Apps and “Uninstall updates“, if the problem still persists.

10. Games Not Working

Games have different size. Always try to check the size of the game before you start to download because it might be too big for your device. Sometimes, the game might not support your phone, always check if Android game is compatible with your OS version before you hit the download button.

Games are not running because your RAM might be too low to run them and might cause your phone to show “white” and freeze. Try to use a phone with sufficient RAM to run those type of games or use Clean Master app to boost the game.

11. Insufficient Space Error

This usually happens to phones with full memory storage. Try to clean up junk files, delete big files and apps and install CCleaner app on your Android device to help in freeing up your storage.

12. Wi-Fi Disconnects Frequently

Whenever Android goes into sleep mode especially at night, the Wi-Fi automatically follow suite by interrupting whatever you are doing with it.

To fix this issue, kindly go to Settings>>WiFi>>Advanced>> and select “Keep WiFi On During Sleep” to “Always“.

13. SD card Not Recognized

When SD card is not recognized, the best solution is to reformat it using a desktop or laptop. You can also find some options in the menu of the SD card and format the SD card. This works best in most of the cases.

14. Stop Android Phone From Using Data When Abroad?

APNDroid – a third party app which allows users to turn off all data connection via a widget on the home screen, will definitely allow you to change this settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen.

15. Display Is Difficult To See In Bright Sunlight

This is one of the most common problems in Android but by using an anti-glare screen protector, you will be able to see much better than the standard ones because anti-glare will help you reduce the amount of glare on the screen when lighting conditions are extreme.

16. Android Consuming Too Much Data

Android internet data is cost and some internet providers won’t just reduce the data. For spending a lot of money getting the data you won’t just allow your phone to always consume the data without care, that’s why Android comes up with “Data Usage” feature, to help you set limit to your data usage.

Once your limit is crossed, your mobile data or WiFi will automatically turn off. Go to Settings>>Data Usage>>Set Limit to Mobile Data usage.

17. Apps Won’t Install To My SD Card

This feature is usually provided by your operating system (OS) version and if is not available, kindly wait for another upgrade update to bring out the feature. And also, some apps are built to be mounted on your phone storage, kindly go to Settings>>Apps>> and choose the option to “Move to SD Card“.

If the option is not available, kindly use APK Extractor app and extract all apps into your phone SD card.

18. Phone Overheats

Overheating are mostly caused by over using or heavy usage of a phone. Try to avoid charging or placing your phone in a sunny environment, reduce your phone backlight, stop background apps and run games or apps that are compatible with your OS version.

When charging your phone, please charge with a charger branded from the phone manufacturer. Using a fake charger, power banks or charging your phone from laptop or other stuffs can overheat your phone, kindly charge from main power outlet with full power supply. Using a ” Better-pass-my-neighbor generator can also have negative effect on your phone which can sometimes deteriorate the battery.


These are some of the most common problems we encounter everyday on Android phone and the solutions are based on our usage. Use your phone with care and all these won’t happen to your phone and if it in anyway happens, you can fix them using these instant solutions provided above.

Drop your phone problems in the comment section below and receive instant solution. You can as well share your experience or share this article to your friends on social media!

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