There have been a lot of messages requesting details about my sudden disappearance, which I didn't give a prior notice. But I had to and I also have to tell the reason behind it.

I went offline due to the issue of server resource issues on my blogging platform, WordPress, to be specific. It gave me a lot of issues which made me stay offline to resolve it but I later switched from WordPress to another new platform, when I found the issue was severe. And honestly, I am comfortable on the new CMS.

Those who stay active or are ardent readers on would notice new change of the theme and comment box. The new comment box can now allow you upload your images and save your comment information to be free from stress when commenting another time.

However, the best commenter payment would be delayed this month, because I have used the money to resolve the technical issues that affects the site.

Soon enough, I will change the way of rewarding the best commenter. Maybe I will go for a higher prizes like gifting out a high-end "smartphone" to the best commenter for 6 months. We pray to get higher to that level soon. It only need your assistance.

If you have any complaints, information or any thing to ask about, kindly drop it via the comment section for immediate response.

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Precious Agbontan

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