We do different things every day with our smartphone but never thinks about the downside and possible consequences of the act.

However, since the evolution of technology, Android smartphones can be argued to be one of the wonderful of this era. Android importance cannot be overemphasized because they are magical; doing things that were thought impossible few years ago.

Moreover, there are certain things we do unknowingly, that destroys our smartphone. Let’s dive right into them and learn how to take precautionary measures to avoid them.

1. Making Calls or Playing Games while Charging

Making use of your phone while charging is one of the chief mistakes ever and can be hazardous, either to your phone or to your health. You might think nothing will happen but try to avoid the temptation and charge your phone in peace by placing it on a cool surface, a tiled floor or any cool place.

2. Downloading Android Apps from Websites

Over 80% of Android users, statistically, loves downloading their files and apps from websites or untrusted sources and they probably feel nothing is wrong doing so. There’s a lot of repercussions while doing this, malware and can of worms can invade your Android phone. So, it’s advisable and better when you download your apps from Google Playstore with Play Protect feature.

3. Putting Your Android Phone in your Pocket

This might sound funny to some people but it’s the truth. It’s called Handset and not “Pocketset”. Especially, in a tight Jean pocket, the pressure could affect the Android phone in so many ways and the screen can start to malfunction. Try to activate an Anti-advertently feature to avoid unnecessary touches and try to hold your phone in your hand when going out.

4. Putting Your Android Phone under the Pillow while Sleeping

After pressing your phone, is okay to get tired and feel sleepy at night, but placing it under the pillow can be very dangerous and could lead to explosion. Many cases like this have been reported. Try to turn your phone off or get up to place it on a wooden table or a cool place.

5. Not Turning It Off

Turning off your phone and rebooting it after using it can help you clear caches automatically and make sure subsystems are properly restarted. Additionally, switching off your phone should help with the longevity of your RAM and enable certain diagnostics.

6. Overcharging or Draining the Battery

You are supposed to wait till your battery shuts to 0% completely before you decide to charge your phone. Simply put it on standby if it’s below 10% or if you don’t have electricity.

On the other hand, overcharging deteriorates a battery with time. It helps in killing the battery which will make it weak with time. Your battery capacity only reaches 100% and not 101%, just unplug if you don’t want swollen battery.

I hope the tips are helpful?

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