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Settling EPF Claims Through Mobile Phone To Be A Reality Soon!

People are moving forward with technology. Gadgets like laptops and mobile have become highly popular between people because they can provide instant assistance in everyday task. Technology provides us all the necessary support that we need to speed up our work. We need technology in every part of our lives and it will become even more assistive from now on because there is a possibility that we would be able to do the Settling EPF Claims through Mobile devices.

According to the recent report on Settling EPF Claims through Mobile devices, people have high expectation from this innovative advancement and it is possible that we might see something that we have never imagined before. According to the report, it is possible that around four Crore members of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation retirement body will be soon able to easily and virtually settle all their claims. This will be done thru the mobile application named UMANG and the task like EPF withdrawal and many other tasks can be easily done by the application.

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO is presently developing a perfect application that will do a perfect job of online claims settlement with a simple process. It will submit and receive the applications online. The development of this application has been confirmed by the Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya in the recent conversation with Lok Sabha.

Additionally, minister has also provided their opinion in this matter and quoted that this application can be highly assistive and it will be properly integrated with the Unified Mobile App new-age governance or UMANG application in order to make it beneficial to receive online claim from customers. Undoubtedly, the concept of this application has been confirmed and approved. However, the date of this project is yet to be finalized.

According to the analysis, Employees Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO receives almost one crore manual application that relates EPF settlement tasks such as pension fixation, withdrawals or group insurance etc.

A senior authority member also disclosed that more than 110 local workplaces of the EPFO out of 123 field formations have been associated with the central server. The authority clarified that it is a technical necessity for connecting every single territorial office with the central server in order to roll out the facility.

Prior in February this year, EPFO Central Provident Fund Commissioner stated that the procedure of connecting all field workplaces with a central server is going on. The authority may present the facility for online application submission of a wide range of uses and claims like EPF withdrawal and benefits settlement by May this year.

The EPFO has a yearning plan to settle the cases within a couple of hours after documenting the application. For example, it has proper plan to do the EPF withdrawal claim settlement in three hours of the documenting. According to the plan or scheme, the EPFO is required to settle all cases in 20 days from filing and documenting the application for pension settlement or EPF withdrawal.

It is also the fact that the EPFO has involved the Center for Development of Advanced Computing or (C-DAC) from Pune in it. It has been appointed as its technical consultant to redesign its innovation and the body is introducing the most recent hardware at its three central data server centers in Delhi, Gurugram as well as Secunderabad.

An official authority member also clarified that the prerequisite of seeding Aadhaar and financial balances with Universal (PF) Account Number (UAN) for settling EPFO assert on the web will be part of the plan. Also, out of 3.76 crore contributing individuals (as on March 31, 2016), almost 1.68 crore individuals have connected their Aadhaar numbers with UAN. The EPFO has made it necessary to furnish financial balance numbers with IFSC codes and Aadhaar.

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