Opera News is one of the trending apps that offers a lot of bonuses for their users in Nigeria and other countries. Some of the bonuses are cars, phones, free airtime, vouchers and World Cup bonuses.

The app provides latest news around the world in their unique categories like entertainment, school and others.

To win those bonuses, you have a specific task to perform. One is which you have to shake your phone to win the bonuses randomly. However, you are only given 10 shakes a day and which is insufficient to win those pieces for the car, Itel A32F, Tecno Spark 2, voucher, airtime and the rest.

Watch video on how to shake Opera News above the 10 limits per day...

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Now, if you want to shake above the 10 limits a day, you should follow up these comprehensive and following steps:

• Login your Opera News, or register via here.
• Then, tap on "Shake your phone to win" banner like advert on the dashboard.

Shake your phone to win

• Now, shake your phone 10 times to win goodies and after it has been exhausted, tap on "Earn Now".

Earn now

• Tap on any of the social media you want to share Opera News onto.

Tap on social media

• Now, tap on a group or someone's contact as if you want to share and delete the message.

Share to group

• Go back to homepage and start shaking again. Keep repeating the process.

That was how I unlocked over 40,000 airtime points and many pieces of their products.

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