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Should You Trust On Iris Scanners Of Smartphones?

With the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S9, iris scanning is going to be the next thing anytime soon! To use people will be holding their phone camera up to their face for a few seconds to unlock their smartphone. Experts have said that iris scanning is a far more secure form of biometric authentication than, say, voice recognition, fingerprints or toe prints (yes, that’s a thing) and that it’s fast, efficient and easy. For both you and that friendly criminal next door.

Last year, a German hacking collective called the Chaos Computer Club – which incidentally also has a history of conquering the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, fooled Samsung’s iris scanner, not with the assistance of cryptic programming language and unparalleled brain power, but with a simple photograph the kind you can print off Facebook and a humble contact lens.

It was the second security blow dealt to the South Korean conglomerate in the space of a few months, after its facial recognition technology also designed to allow users to unlock their phones password-free was tricked almost immediately after launching.

Slightly creepy incidents like this, coupled with a deluge of warnings about cyber security, devastating attacks like WannaCry and Petya, and even dystopian TV series like Black Mirror, should all serve as a critical warning to us. They should remind us that technology and hackers are engaged in a global game of cat and mouse, during which the fat and resourceful feline is regularly clawing chunks out of the ignorant rodent’s tail. But, inexplicably, we don’t care.

We’re so obsessed with the idea of using breakneck technology to innovate and reach maximum convenience that we’re losing sight of the fact that a good old alphanumeric code, changed every few weeks and committed to memory, is a far better way of protecting what’s essentially our whole identity than anything else. Just don’t use your birthday and pet’s name. That’s rookie.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza Harun Khalid Adeiza February 21, 2018

    Yeah! Sure! I have to put my trust on it though my trust for fingerprint is still the most. Cause we are made to know that, some people’s faces look alike, like that of Chinese people, Korea and Japanese.. But fingers thumbs never look a like in any way.. So for this, I have little trust for the Iris scanner. Thanks a lot for the info.

    • Prexblog Prexblog Post author | February 21, 2018

      Lolzzz…that’s a nice point…they always have strike of resemblance. Iris scanner in my Tecno Camon C9 can be opened by almost everyone… Fingerprint is the best…

      Identical twins can open the Iris scanner.

  2. Ayo ade Ayo ade February 21, 2018

    Thump scan is still the best. Can not be replicated

  3. Haruna Mustorpha Haruna Mustorpha February 21, 2018

    Seriously.. Finger print thumbs scanner is the best wherever.. I trust only thumbs scanner. Thanks for the info.
    But I will buy the one that has both the two security. Iris and finger print scanner.

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