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Solutions To Fix Slow Charging On Smartphone

Charging is one of the regular duty of a Smartphone user and without proper charge, your phone is likely to get low battery warning and thereafter, switch off which can be so frustrating especially, when charging ability of a smartphone is slow. That’s why some smartphone supports fast charging feature but that isn’t the case because proper charging deals with your care and cautions taken.

My Infinix Hot 2 can be for an example because whenever I charge it, it can take up to 6 hours charging without getting full but I later took some methods to fix it and some of the methods will be treated in this article and you should follow them with care to see the amazing end result.

How To Fix Slow Charging On Smartphone (Android And IOS) Devices

1. Replace The Charging Cable: This is one of the common problem of slow charging, the charger. Sometimes or in most circumstances, it is the smaller USB to USB link that has the fault. These links can lose their effectiveness after some time and can’t give enough current to charge your phone or gadget. Not only that, the charging head and the charger itself can be the fault.

Solution: Change the MicroUSB to link. Buy another original one or from other devices. For the charging head and the charger itself, just buy an original charger for your phone because fake charger won’t have the power to charge your phone fast.

2. Use Airplane Mode: This fix is very perfect. Try to use airplane mode when charging to stop all the things running on your phone that might be consuming your battery silently. However, activating Airplane Mode will stop you from making calls and speak to others through versatile system or web.

3. Stay Away From Phone While Charging: Pressing phone while charging puts a negative effect on your battery life. It’s not beneficial to your device at all. It keeps your device under substantial load and make the device warm-up.

Solution: Make sure you close and end all your applications particularly GPS, Data, Wi-Fi and others that are running.

4. Stay Away From Powerbanks: Tons of people charge their phone through Powerbanks and this keeps their phone battery under substantial load which will definitely spoil the battery. PC (personal computers) USB port are meant to use for transfer and exchange information not for charging because they don’t have sufficient current to charge a phone.

See the output current of USB

Output Current of USB

USB 2.0 can give up to 500mAh
USB 3.0 can give up to 900mAh

At least, USB 3.0 (blue) port is better only if you don’t have a charger adjacent and utilizing PC USB port.

5. Replace Your Battery: If your battery takes forever to full, changing the battery can also be an instant fix for it. Also, if you have been using your battery for up to 1 year and it gives 3hours to charge and under 5hours to release, you should try and change it or go for substitution.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the most important type of difference from the usual is for your gadget to charge for more than 4 hours despite everything it didn’t get to 100% full charge.

What do you have to say about these fix for slow charging of Smartphone? Which of them fixed your slow charging issue?


  1. replacing the charge cuz my infiniX note 2 takes 6 hours to charge completely but I ain't too bothered cuz it takes at least 2days for it to get low if and only if I charge it full

    thanks for the guide

  2. nice guide..mine take about 1 hour to get fully charge but discharge easy …pls what is the solution

  3. Thanks for the solution update nc1

  4. Thanks i experience dat bfor fone get 1% it wl tak long time nd i tink is d cable

  5. change your battery and charger as stated above

  6. Thanks for the update

  7. admin you said Stay Away From Powerbanks:but i have 2000mah power bank which i use to my phone will it also damaged the battery, pls reply

  8. what of smaller generator also damage phone battery mostly blackberry .user should take note

  9. oga prex abeg how do we know original charger for ones phone

  10. are u also saying we shouldn't use 4 our phones

  11. Prexblog,which type of power bank are you talking about? cos I have an oraimo powerbank of 12000mAh for my infinix hot2 and note3.Will it ruin my batteries?. I have confirmed the power bank to be an original. Also when my hot2 started getting stuck at 89% what I used to do is to remove the charger from the phone and plug it again afer about 2 minutes and plug back.It become full within very few minutes

  12. how many helpful post.,repeating one thing

  13. you just want to win it by all
    means which is bad. maintain orderlyness>OLALEKAN 0OLATUNDE

  14. Your battery is the cause… Is fake….

  15. Yea. can damage phone. Is just as if you are using computer USB port. Try not to use it all time.

  16. ok admin i love my phone battery so am not going to use power bank anymore.

  17. Noted… Thanks

  18. Yea Infinix Hot 2 charger is not strong that's why I sometimes stuck at 89% …. Yea! That type of Powerbank is good but not all time.

  19. What of my battery charges slow

  20. download an app called ampere. so when you connect your phone to the charger, it usually reads a higher current for good chargers

  21. bright is right ..the app really works

  22. Thanks prexblog but I still don't understand how power bank that's higher than my phone battery can ruin the battery. Then why do reputable companies make power banks?

  23. Powerbank is good but excessive usage might cause adverse effect in your smartphone.

  24. that's why it's always good do have a phone with a good battery capacity

  25. Thanks for the guide. Really useful tips.

  26. U are not getting it @ all Chai, I posted it once, it appeared twice due to network complications, nd u came here to run ur yeye mouth smh!!!

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