Facebook, Messenger and even Instagram now have a Lite or slimmed down version of their original app. Spotify - a digital music service, has now created the lighter version of their app, dubbed the "Spotify Lite".

Spotify Lite

The main purpose of the Lite version is to save your data and memory space. The Spotify app has been slimmed down from 100MB to just 15MB, which gives at least 87% of size reduction. Many crucial and important features was however, complained to have been removed from the app.

The Spotify Lite still maintain its clean UI, Facebook connectivity and a custom launch screen, but there is no offline playback. Spotify connect which allows audios to be streamed from wireless audio devices is also missing.

Spotify Lite App

You can't choose songs, only playlists. This affects both normal and premium subscribers. Many features was taken away from even those that paid for the premium version. That's not fair!

Just to make an app smaller in size, Spotify decided to remove all essential features. That's not right, or maybe they will apply these features in future updates.

The Spotify Lite is currently available on Playstore for download, but if your phone is not compatible with the app, you can download it alternatively as .APK file.

What do you have to say concerning the new Spotify app? Share your experience!

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