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Tecno AX8 Smartphone Coming with 6GB of RAM

Tecno Mobile is working really hard on their smartphone coming very soon. The phone was spotted on Geekbench database with 6GB of RAM and Mediatek Helio P25 (MT6757CD) Soc processor.

Tecno AX8 is yet to pass through FCC certification, so the full specifications has not been released or revealed but with the little specs, we can deduce some facts from the phone.

According to Geekbench, it reveals that the phone will come with 6GB of RAM and a Mediatek Helio P25 (MT6757CD) Soc processor and an outdated 7.0 Nougat not even the latest 8.0 Oreo. Tecno why?

The OS (operating system) is not impressing at all. Well, it might receive the official 8.0 Oreo update. It’s just a matter of time.

The price of Tecno 4GB RAM devices are 90,000naira – 110,000naira who knows how much the coming Tecno AX8 with 6GB RAM will cost. Probably around 170,000naira.

Looking at it, I guess the Tecno AX8 won’t be an overrated pieces of metal because it seems is going to be a high-end smartphone.

Which feature will you like to see in this coming Tecno AX8 device? Drop below in the comment system.


  1. Kelvin Ochubili Kelvin Ochubili September 21, 2017

    6GB of ram? Mehn, even laptops don't have that much RAM.

    One feature I'm looking forward to see is it's ability to support wireless charging.

  2. Paul Damy Paul Damy September 21, 2017

    what??…that will be so dope…6GB RAM just like Gionee M6S plus.Really interesting, but the price is hmmmmmmmm….

  3. Ebenco Real Ebenco Real September 21, 2017

    O my God this one is more than laptop ram
    this is mighty!! shut off word

  4. Chidowski Chidowski September 21, 2017

    Wooow…6gb ram, it must be a high end phone.
    I really want to see
    A huge battery capacity about 4000mah up
    Front mounted fingerprint.
    Buh the price should be Nigeria friendly


    Talking about the cost of it, it's gonna cost slightly higher than the phantom series phones.

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