What’s WhatsApp still waiting for? Clicking on any video on Telegram app can now be watched instantly or streamed without downloading it first.

Not only that, the updates also bring auto-night mode feature. It automatically switches to night mode when it’s dark and bright mode when it’s day.

Another feature is that, Telegram now have new login widget for websites, just like Twitter, Google or Facebook login. While logging in with Telegram login widget for the first time, you’ll get confirmation message in the app to authenticate your browser. After logging in, Telegram share your details like username, profile picture and phone number, but you can always revoke your authorization.

Aside that, Telegram have now improved the bots, which can now interact directly without you having to message them first. They can be used for services like customer support, accepting payments, or sending notifications for things like flight status, account statement and delivery status.

These features are available on Telegram app version 4.8 on Android.

In features, Telegram overthrown WhatsApp but in popularity, WhatsApp still stands. What’s your say? Do you think Telegram won’t overpower WhatsApp in the nearest feature, if WhatsApp doesn’t buckle up their shoes quickly?

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