Telegram Now Updated with Media Player, Live Location and Languages

Where is WhatsApp? Telegram – the WhatsApp rival, has more features than WhatsApp, just that Telegram is not well known by people. In features, Telegram surpassed WhatsApp. Again, Telegram has updated its iOS and Android app with wonderful features. For the live location feature, users can now share their location in real time with a group. No need to manually post your location every few minutes, while sharing your location, you will be asked to share your location live for fifteen minutes, one hour or eight hours and group members will be able to see your current location on a map at all times. For the languages, many languages have been added to the app, including French, Indonesian, Malay, Russian and Ukrainia and Persian (coming very soon). For the media player, you can now play the audio files that people send in the new built-in media player interface. You can quit telegram app and still have your music playing in the background till you stop it by yourself. Extra feature added is that groups admin features has also been updated. Admins in large groups can now be identified by the admin badge on their messages, while admins on supergroups can choose whether new members can see the older messages in the group. For me, Telegram is the best and I think these features should wake WhatsApp in adding new branded features to their app.


  1. Good development from such grt team and this is going to definetly going to promote telegram to another stage .love to see more of this informative features on other social apps.

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