The Revived Nokia 3310 Won’t Be An Android Phone, Checkout!

The famous Nokia 3310 that was launched since 2000 will be returning to the smartphone market in 2017. Nobody believes this. The internet was excited last week when the news of the comeback of Nokia 3310 went viral and most of the internet outlets thought it will run on Android OS (operating system) but to our greatest surprise, it won’t be an Android Phone but just a feature or normal phone.

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

Details Of The New Coming Nokia 3310

  • The design will look exactly the way it was back in 2000. So the new coming and old Nokia 3310 will have same design but the only changes will be in the thickness and weight.
  • It won’t be Android smartphone but just a feature or normal phone.
  • The new coming Nokia 3310 screen will be larger and will be upgraded to a color screen.
  • The physical position of the keys of the new coming Nokia 3310 will remain the same but key size will only be adjusted.
  • It will have a multi-color body style including red, green and yellow with many others.

Is it helpful? How much will you buy or purchase the Nokia 3310, as you have known that is just a feature phone and not an Android smartphone?

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  1. Reply

    Ancient phone

  2. Reply

    Ancient phone

  3. Reply

    One of d strongest phone every. I'm glad it is coming back.

  4. Reply

    One of d strongest phone ever. I'm glad it is coming back.

  5. Reply

    nc 1 oo

  6. Reply

    I wonder how it would look like

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    I'm unable to access. my videos and some pictures and also my music … admin what do I do … this happened after I used this roesoft ram expander … I checked if my phone was compatible … and it really is… I can't even view things in my sd and now my mc is even showing SD damaged… what do I do

  8. Reply

    I wish to use it as second phone

  9. Reply

    how would it look like?

  10. Reply

    In this Modern work technology Nokia don't get sense ,they ar already collapsed.

  11. Reply

    Thanks for this post keep on trying
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    And I know you will like this Post
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    yeah I think their ministry is dying… they should do sth new just like bb; they launched an android app

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