Everyone really loves to buy a mobile phone for their respective purposes but usually fall victim that will later cause regret. However, this article will acquaint you on the things to avoid while buying or purchasing a new smartphone.

1. Avoid Competition: Many people will eventually fall into this category. You should not compete with others when buying a new smartphone but buy what you can afford. Just because Mr. Precious Agbontan bought iPhone 8, you have now decided to buy same phone. No, buy what you can afford, it’s not necessary.

2. Avoid The Rush: Do not rush to buy a smartphone because you might buy the wrong or faulty one which you will regret later. You need to take time, set a budget and buy the smartphone you really want.

3. Avoid Buying Used Smartphones: These mobile devices are also known as “Second-hand” devices because they have been used by the first person. Most people prefer this type of device but it’s not good. Kindly buy a new device for longer life span and to avoid story that touches the heart in the future.

4. Avoid Buying Smartphones On The Street: Buying smartphones on the street is not right and is not an exception because most of the people selling smartphones on the streets are fraudsters and are ready to sell a bad phone to you. So, advise yourself and do the right thing.

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Precious Agbontan

Precious Agbontan

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