Top 10 smartphone manufacturer that launch OTA update more often 

Today on this article I will reveal the top 10 smartphones manufacturer with constantly update.

1. Apple – Apple normally release OTA update more often to improve their security system, speed, battery life and bags management the company always care about their old phone, if you are a fan of apple you will constantly receive updates.

 2. Samsung – They are on top when it comes to OTA update which will solve any system problems like bags, speed, and battery life Samsung have successfully launch Android 7 to all its capable device.

3. Sony – They always update their devices more often which includes solution to systems fault, lagging, bad battery life and overheating they have also successfully updated all their capable devices to Android 7 Nougat.

4. Pixel – Pixel is owned by Google the big daddy they always update their device to be suitable for consumers use, pixels is one of the best smartphone when it comes to speed, battery life, good ram and rom, have updated all their devices Android 7, they are currently working on updating to Android 8 Oreo, but Pixel XL 2 have received Android 8.

5. LG – One of the best smartphone with the best high screen resolution. LG have updated their devices to Android 7.

6 . HTC – I love HTC because they have a good ram management and also nice security patch update, their devices are updated to Android 7.

7. Xiaomi – This smartphone is very popular in India it has been packed with developed system management they also receive updates more often it is updated to Android 7.

8. Oneplus – This company is very hard working to give their user a good and quality service, they also receive updates more often but currently on Android 7.

9 . Huawei – They have a well designed smartphones they also receive updates often but currently on Android 7.

10. ZTE – They always receives OTA update more often but currently on Android 7. 

If you are using a device I didn’t mention kindly drop a comment below and I will tell you more about it.

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