Top 5 Disadvantages of raw files game

What is a raw file – is a file that can open itself without the help of another app, e.g ppssp game, sagas etc are raw files.


1. Lagging – Lagging is the freezing of phones when the RAM of the device is low, it becomes very slow, which is not good for multitasking, this a result of raw file which are bigger than the device.

2. Overheating – Overheating phone becomes very hot when playing raw file games. Seriously, you will be very uncomfortable with that device.

3. Large files (storage) – Some of these raw files games are very big. It requires a lot of space in your device to get them installed.

4. Battery life –  They drain your device battery more faster, than 3D game, the present of these raw file games may damage your device battery permanently.

5. Warranty – Some raw file games often requires root access, which will void manufacturer warranty on that device.

Conclusion and Verdict

I advise you play 3D games to keep your device at peace and out of trouble or any form of phone problems.

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